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My fellow author DANIEL J. LEVITIN believes that  RODNEY CROWELL, one of the inspirations for Levitin’s latest book, Successful Aging: A Neuroscientist Explores the Power and Potential of Our Lives, at age 69, is “doing the best work of his career." 


You didn't see this reported elsewhere, but, on the January 11, 2020 edition of HUCKABEEJOHN RICH revisited JASON OWEN's role in  virtually single-handedly ousting program host, former Arkansas Governor MIKE HUCKABEE
from a position on the CMA Foundation's Board of Directors; this before the ink had dried on the news release announcing Huckabee's selection, with nary a reaction, then nor since, from Owen's clients, KACEY MUSGRAVES, FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE and DAN + SHAY.

Huckabee used the TV program that bears his name to address the matter himself, back on
April 7, 2018, when he told his audience: "I got booted off the CMA Foundation Board because my faith conflicted with some people in the music industry who were anything but tolerant of my faith and certainly didn't think diversity was all that good of an idea."

Rich's assessment?  “I think it’s a terrible comment” [on] the CMA...  They wanted to have a program where they put music in the hands of kids who otherwise would not have that opportunity, which is a great thing to do.  And they invited you to be on the Board.  But because people on the CMA Board disagreed, some of them, not all of them, but some disagreed with your political leanings and ideas, they ran you out of town on a rail, didn’t they Governor?"

Huckabee responded, "Yeah, I think that’s a fair way to say it.  Yeah.”

John continued, "And let me tell you why that is so disappointing to a country singer. I’ve spent my whole life making country music.   Music’s not supposed to be political.  Music is for everybody. This is what’s wrong with our country right now.  We have got to start focusing on what we have in common and let that be a bridge over our differences.  And if we don’t this is not gonna ever fix itself."


MARCUS KING entertains at a late-night greets album release show at Nashville's Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge January 17, 2020.  The even coincides with the official release date for King's El Dorado album. 


We'll have to wait until June 12, 2020 for the release of KREE HARRISON's Chosen Family Tree, but LORI LOUSARARIAN is coordinating "a special album previewing listening event... January 16th at 3rd & Lindsley" at which Kree will be performing songs from the album.

More good news: While the album's original January, 2020 release date has been pushed back and while, at this writing Amazon, has yet to post an update reflecting the correct release date, a company rep assures me that Kree's fans who want to be among the first to receive copies of
Chosen Family Tree are still encouraged to place advance orders here.


BETTY FOX BAND entertained a private, invitation-only CD release party at the 6th floor BMI theater January 9, 2020.  Betty and her powerhouse trio wowed the crowd with their multimedia and live performance included several songs from the Florida-based genre-defying group's new album, Peace in Pieces.

KISSY BLACK (with the assistance of DAN HAYES) arranged a wonderful afternoon (Report's shout out to SIMONE!), that concluded with a Q-A session and parting gifts for attendees.

Look for my review of Peace in Pieces (recorded at the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama) here shortly.


Having just been re-elected Vice-President/Programming (by acclimation) of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Nashville (serving alongside the JGS' Vice-President/Membership, acclaimed songwriter SAM LORBER), I'm impressed to learn that country stars JOSH TURNER and LIDDY CLARK share Sam's and my interest in family history.

Josh has been known to research his family's roots at the Franklin, Tennessee stake while Liddy reveals that, according to Clark's grandmother, Liddy's family tree includes POCAHONTAS
(Eat your heart out, ELIZABETH WARREN!)

Liddy credits the revelation with her interest in music; a love that began when Clark sang Colors of the Wind at her school's talent show in tribute to the famed Native American colonial settler.  


Does presidential candidate MICHAEL BLOOMBERG love bluegrass music?

Bluegrass was the official entertainment when the presidential candidate appeared at a Woolworth on Fifth campaign rally coinciding with the grand opening of Bloomberg's Nashville presidential campaign headquarters. Bluegrass was also a staple during Bloomberg's New York City mayoral campaign rallies.

I'm pleased to be an occasional Reader's Digest contributor.  The publication most recently solicited my take on an article title Trivia Facts Only True Southerners Know.



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