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Column's condolences to the family, friends and fans of  MOLLY TURNER.  Molly, who leaves us in her 93rd year, not only made broadcast history as Florida's first female reporter and TV news anchor, Turner gained a following among Miami's country-music fans years before when, in 1951, she auditioned for the role of comedic hillbilly singer, Cousin Effie on WTVJ's Uncle Martin Show. 


While awaiting the results of a grand jury investigation of the misdemeanor charges of assault and domestic bodily injury filed against  TONY BROWN comes news that the most recent charge against Brown, that of violating an order of protection (resulting in Tony's arrest on June 29, 2016 followed by Brown's July 12th appearance in Davidson County General Sessions Court), was not settled at that time.

Rather, presiding Judge ANGELITA BLACKSHEAR DALTON ordered Tony to appear at another settlement hearing on August 15, 2016 at 9 a.m. in the A.A. BIRCH Criminal Justice  Building, Courtroom 4-C.   Brown's criminal defense attorney,
ERIK HERBERT, continues to represent Tony.

For maximum impact and the most appropriate context, I'll wait for further developments on this matter before introducing the element to which I previously alluded, given the fluidity of this case.  


Thanks to DAVID HUFF and to KATE for an invitation to the BASS BROTHERS August 9, 2016 showcase at 12th & Porter.    


DEBBIE REYNOLDS' most recent memoir, Make 'Em Laugh, contains a passage on the actress' encounter with GLEN CAMPBELL.  Reynolds writes that the Rhinestone Cowboy "once pinned me to the pool table in his rec room.

"I had gone to his home to rehearse a number were doing at a Thalians gala.  Next thing I knew, Glen was on top of me.

"Always the gymnast, I wiggled out from his grasp and was in my car before I knew it.  I adore Glen, but not when he was looking for an afternoon delight.   

"Glen in one of the best musicians ever.  He did amazing work on his own as well as with other great musicians.  

"I was so sorry to hear bout his Alzheimer's diagnosis.  He has faced it so bravely."  


From the emailbag:  FRANCESCA SPINOSI writes "Greetings STACY HARRIS... As you may know, I am working with country artist CODY WEBB who is gearing up for his upcoming self-titled EP, out July 22nd.  

"In support of his upcoming release, the singer-songwriter and guitarist continues to tour across the nation.  Webb returns to Nashville to perform a free public show on July 19, 2016 at 12th & Porter... Cody will be performing his lead single, More Than A Little, along with the rest of his songs from Cody's upcoming EP....

"I extend the invite to you and a guest to to join us for a wonderful evening of live country music by a captivating artist.

"I really hope you can make it.   Thanks Stacy!"


I was prepared to wait for the results of a grand jury investigation before revisiting 
the misdemeanor charges of assault and domestic bodily injury case against TONY BROWN, having been unable to anticipate Brown's June 29, 2016 arrest for allegedly violating an order of protection.

This latest development fuels the fire of interest in Tony's personal life for any number of reasons.  To begin with, Davidson County's Criminal Court, having passed the buck in the first instance, will have to address the latest charges. (Attorneys like high-profile cases, judges do not.) 

The Tennessean, which broke the latest chapter in the story, showed similar hesitance by refusing to mention JAMIE NICOLE BROWN as the complainant.  I was the first to ask, in the absence of a rape allegation, why?   

Interestingly, during the first go-round,  I had questions about The Nashville Scene's coverage  (Read the comments section in its entirety.)  The alternative weekly's unprecedented reaction is a matter of public record, but its reasons, as expressed to me, are not.  (They remain confidential as does, apart from what I've reported, what I learned from from my contact with both Tony and Jamie Nicole following the first go-round.)

Brown's criminal defense attorney, ERIK HERBERT, is not listed in court records as his legal representative in this latest matter.  A July 1, 2016 call to Herbert's office, in an attempt to discern Herbert's status in the matter, resulted in being asked to hold, and then transferred to voice mail.  

If the call is returned, I'll report the results in my next update on the matter that, among other observations, will include a warning, by example, about the  downside of self-promotion.  Stay tuned... 



What do rich country music stars do with all of their money?

RAY STEVENS invests- in property.

A check of Davidson County property assessors' records indicates Ray owns a dozen (count 'em) properties- and those are just the ones listed in his name!

Ten of Ray's properties are on Music Row.  Stevens owns land in Green Hills and two Belle Meade homes.   As I previously reported, Ray's CabaRay music venue in West Nashville is now under construction.

Having paid $2.85 million dollars for his newest five-bedroom Belle Meade home, Stevens plans to sell his Belle Meade home of over 20 years.  No word as to what Ray's asking price will be for the three-bedroom 5,895 square-foot home (built in 1929), for which he paid $825,000 on October 2, 1995, but it should easily command six figures.



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