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Trending on amazon.com:  LOCASH's energetic single I Love This Life.

I received a blank review copy of LUCAS HOGE's Power of Garth (yes, Hoge is a self-proclaimed GARTH BROOKS fan) but the first 50 folks who arrived at the Grand Opening of the Bellevue Goodwill fared somewhat better: Each received a complimentary copy of KRISTIAN BUSH's solo debut, Southern Gravity.


SHIRLEY HUTCHINS (whose cousins, trivia buffs will want to know, included JOHNNY HORTON), co-founder (with PEGGY BRADLEY) of the Music Row Administrators Group, hosted a  celebration of the MRAG, now in its 16th year, June 17, 2015 at ASCAP (complete with a birthday cake!).  

Those joining in the fun included my NEJA buddy, GARY GENTRY (whom I hadn't seen in over three decades!), MARY LARKIN (NELSON LARKIN's widow), MARK DUNN, MARK WEISS, RANDY A. OWEN,  EDDIE WILSON


's brand ambassador," introduced the alcoholic beverage of the evening's choice in the form of three varieties of mixed drinks available at the open bar to those attending the invitation-only June 16, 2015 launch event at the Acme Feed & Seed Bar.

Those accepting JAIME KINSLEY's invitation to attend the Texas brand's Tennessee rollout munched on mini beef and chicken sandwiches inspired by Alba, Texas native Kacey's song, Biscuits, as they,  and the roomful of invited guests. watched Kacey judge
an interactive cocktail competition pitting top Nashville bartenders against each other in the creative quest to
determine which bartender could claim superlative bragging rights.

Musgraves proclaimed her enthusiasm for Zodiac Vodka
' as the "healthy alternative" to competitors, since the non-GMO craft potato spirit is also gluten-free.


You're reading it here first (as usual):  RAY STEVENS (see below) has purchased property for a performance venue, a cabaret with free guest parking.    First project: A pilot for Ray Stevens' Nashville, a TV series titled after Stevens' book of the same name.  

Stevens' show will consist of different themed segments, including a songwriters segment, Nashville Cats (featuring Nashville's session musicians) and an "Old Guy" portion of the show (probably easier to book than an "Old Girl" salute, though that, along with a specific channel/network destination, remains to be seen).

In case you're wondering, the "old guy" featured in the pilot is octogenarian BOBBY BARE.

Ray's cabaret is set to open in the summer of 2016.


Thanks to ANDREA FANTA for providing media credentials for the Nashville Public Library's latest  (May 31,  2015) event in its That Nashville Sound series, a Nashville Now retrospective in the form of a live, multimedia event (complete with reproduction of the erstwhile TNN series set) , hosted by RALPH EMERY.

Emery's interview subjects/guest panelists for the afternoon included my fellow Minnesotan STEVE HALL (who credits the exposure Emery gave him with the sale of 800,000 Shotgun Red puppets), CON HUNLEY, BARBARA MANDRELL, LORRIE MORGAN and RAY STEVENS. (Clips from the original series served as the afternoon's performances.) 

The TV series' announcer GARY BEATY was on hand to introduce Emery to the crowd, the majority of which was seated in the section reserved for the original series cast and crew (a smart way of expressing gratitude to the show's "family," not to mention padding the house on a rainy afternoon).  For more interesting memories and facts about the show or if you have questions about who attended the de facto "reunion," email me with Nashville Now- Nashville Public Library in the subject line.  Please include your name, city and state (or province and country if applicable). 


Thanks to C2 Media Relations for the invitation to join the media guest list (including an opportunity for a pre-show interview) as CLAY WALKER takes the stage at 3rd & Lindsley June 10, 2015 as host of his Sixth Annual Chords of Hope Benefit Concert.  

As in years past, ticket sales for this year's event support Clay's charity, Band Against MS (BAMS), a 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit Clay established in 2003 as a means of helping those who, like himself, live with muscular dystrophy while also funding education about and research for the disease.
Those efforts appear to be paying off as Walker makes the accommodations necessary to continue to entertain his legion of fans, as thoroughly as he ever has, with every expectation that Clay will continue to do so next year, 2016, which will  mark the 20th year since Walker's diagnosis!

All proceeds benefit Vanderbilt University Hospital's Multiple Sclerosis Center.


From the emailbag STEPHEN BENNETT writes: "Dear STACY, I wanted to let you know that I think you website is incredibly useful and interesting.  I have read your site and got so much inspiration from it.

"I wanted to give you the heads up that I've written a fascinating up-to-date guide based on a survey of 2000 writers on how to beat writer's block... I've taken a long time pulling together the latest research and speaking to writers to find out what helped them beat it...

"I know you've written about this issue before.  In fact it was one reason that inspired me to do this list... You can check it out here."



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