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Thanks to SCOTT ADKINS KELLI WASILAUSKI and HALEY MORIVA for the invitation to join them on August 22, 2022 at Nashville's Whiskey Jam for Whiskey Jam Presents GENE WATSON & Friends.

Gene will be performing songs from Outside the Box, a 12-song release featuring RHONDA VINCENT and  WILLIE NELSON, available for pre-order on August 16, 2022.  (Release date is September 16, 2022.)

... And thanks to LIBBIE COFFEY (no relation to my third cousin TERRY COFFEY?) for extending two invitations, each at Gibson's Garage .  The first, on August 16, 2022 features RUSH lead guitarist ALEX LIFSON and "Gibson leaders," is a "special event and photo op to benefit MONROE CARELL JR. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, Room at the Inn and Gibson's philanthropic arm, Gibson Gives

Two days later, another  "media invite;" this one to "join us for a first look" at the BILLY REID x GIBSON Hummingbird Collection of apparel

Guests attending the August 18, 2002 event are assured of a good time that begins with a Media Preview of the collection and Happy Hour ("cocktails and small bites will be served"), during which media types will also be able to hobnob with Reid and Gibson CEO JAMES "JC" CURLEIGH.

Stories and sound bytes to that point in hand, it will then be time to take a second look at what otherwise may have been missed before settling back to enjoy the rest of the evening featuring MARGO PRICE in performance.  


Don't blame the messenger (as you're reading it here first, that would be yours truly), but I suspect that LORETTA LYNN, CONNIE SMITH and fans who are unable to suspend disbelief (or who might have other objections) will not be entirely pleased to learn of JACK TRUMAN Productions' upcoming original one-act play titled (what else?) Connie and Loretta. (On second thought, Truman could have dubbed his production "Loretta and Connie," but I digress...)

What's not to like?

Some will say "Nothing,"  though the actors may grumble that they won't be paid for their roles (though they will be credited) in this "independent" production.

Still others will cite the storyline: Set in the 1960s, the Lynn and Smith characters "evolve into a lesbian relationship."  (Is there no budget to pay the actors because of a budgeted expense that would prevent the issuing of a cease-and-desist order?)

While this isn't a docudrama, fictionalized accounts of recognizable, living people tend to be problematic, though if the production receives   CHUCK LONG's notice- endorsement or condemnation of the play's execution- we'll hear more about it on Out & About Today.

And- if, like many stage plays, this one ever makes it to the silver screen, I hope CINA SAMUELSON (who probably wishes it were possible to copyright a title) will be featured on the title song of the soundtrack.


Oy vey!

  Crockett is of "mixed Black, Cajun, Creole and Jewish heritage," thus the question of the singer, who was raised by a single mother (as one might expect of someone carrying the aforementioned baggage): If you haven't already, do you plan to join the Black Jewish Entertainment Alliance(On a slightly related note, Charley adds of his musical influences "I know there's a Grand Canyon for some folks between BOB DYLAN and TOM T. HALL

"I love Tom T. Hall [but] the reality is if you took Tom T. Hall out of me, I'd still be good.  But take Dylan out and I probably wouldn't be doing it at all."

Paging TAYLOR SWIFT?: Thanks to MING ZHAO for profiling yours truly for an Authority Magazine profile titled Power Women: STACY HARRIS on How to Successfully Navigate Work, Love and Life as a Powerful Woman.  (Special thanks also to Rabbi YITZI WEINER.)


If TRACE ADKINS has his way, ANDY OGLES will be Tennessee's next (gerrymandered) fifth district congressman. 

Adkins is showing his support in turning the traditionally blue district in the red state red by joining Ogles for a VIP roundtable and meet-and-great fundraiser to which all interested are invited.

Levels of access to the July 19, 2022 event in Lebanon, Tennessee are tied to contributions ranging from $25 to $5,800.  More information is available here.


Want a piece of
LUKE COMBS' publishing?

A share of publishing royalties from Combs' certified platinum hit, She Got the Best of Me is now available to the highest bidder.  Details here.


' quest for justice is now somewhat resolved.  Though, thanks to his criminal defense attorney, SHYANNE RIDDLE JAY BARKER gets by with a slap on the wrist, Barker's one-year's probation won't officially end until Jay receives the "all clear" at a probation hearing now set for May 11, 2023 at 11:45 a.m. in Birch Building Courtroom 4C.


Re: TOBY KEITH's stomach cancer diagnosis: Toby announced on June 12, 2022 that, after a Fall, 2021 diagnosis, he's "spent the last six months receiving chemo, radiation and surgery."

According to the American Cancer Society, Toby's early intervention and treatment gives him an excellent chance for survival beyond the
  average five-year prognosis.


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