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Has TROY GENTRY's wife, ANGIE been following the Vanderbilt Rape Retrial?

The cast of characters includes a "mystery lady" named ANGIE GENTRY who, according to trial (and retrial) testimony, was known as a Vanderbilt "booster lady" famous for running an open bar tab for underage Vandy football players frequenting The Tin Roof. (Though it didn't involve underage drinking, the booster lady testimony reminds me of my nearly half-century-old training table adventure with TOM McMILLEN at the University of Maryland, which, in turn, reminds me of the legendary Grand Ole Opry backstage birthday cake escapade. 

Funny how the mind works when it's allowed to wander...


Belated thanks to KIRT WEBSTER and SPENCER TURNER for the invitation to attend KIEFER SUTHERLAND's June 1, 2016 news conference at Webster PR's Hermitage, Tennessee headquarters.  More recently, again at Kirt's invitation, I accepted a request to attend LOCASH's 
June 13, 2016, listening party at Nashville's White Avenue Studio.

CHRIS LUCAS and PRESTON BRUST thanked Reviver Records, Vector Management, CAA, country radio and those gathered to watch them perform songs from their new album, The Fighters.  In addition to the title song, the duo's short set included Ring on Every Finger and a song with a title incorrectly spelled elsewhere, Preston and Chris insist, called Alll Day.


From the emailbag and (as always) used with permission: "Hi, STACY, I was tweaking my site and saw that I got some hits from the link at your website

"Thanks for the kind words and the link.   I hope you're doing well.

"Sincerely, DEAN HALL."         

I first met Dean when he was a child.  When Dean became a teenager, he and I became the subjects of separate items in the January 6, 1979 issue of Cash Box featuring BOB CAMPBELL's    The Country Column

Cash Box (which published my publicity releases during my time as a publicist) is long gone, but, as those of you who apparently follow both Dean and I (Thank you!) know, we are still keeping the music and acting world on its toes!  


You're reading it here first: Davidson Country Criminal Court  Judge ALLEGRA WALKER has decided there is sufficient evidence to justify the misdemeanor charges of assault and domestic bodily injury case against TONY BROWN.  Accordingly, on July 9, 2016, Walker ordered the case against Brown be bound over to the Grand Jury.

This mixture of politics and buck-passing further delays the specifics of my explanation (for maximum impact) detailing why there is already more to this story than meets the eye.   

I will say this: The Grand Jury meets quarterly.  The specific meeting dates are secret as is the body's investigation and  deliberations.

Hence, other media organizations, so quick to report on the initial charges and Tony's arrest, have temporarily lost interest.  (You can get an idea of when the Grand Jury will meet based on its past schedule.) 

Were JAMIE NICOLE BROWN's serious charges against Tony thoroughly warranted or merely (and unforgivably) frivolous?  If the Grand Jury finds Tony's arrest was warranted and that the charges against him have merit, it will return with a true bill (i.e., an indictment).   Because Tony would then have to stand trial, the Grand Jury's decision would become public knowledge and, because of Brown's high profile, the District Attorney's office would likely issue a news release.

If, however, the Grand Jury decides Tony has been falsely accused,  its written conclusion will be stamped "No true bill."   The result is no information about the investigation, deliberation and the results will be made public.  It's as though nothing ever happened.   

In the meantime, if SHAWN O'BRIEN, Tony or Jamie want to contact me, I'm all ears, just as I was when I was called on by interested parties during the now all-but-forgotten (in the wake of "reconciliation" and remarriage) first "go-round."


As a paid extra cast in all four seasons of ABC's Nashville, (Thank you, OLC) I would like to see the series'  return for a fifth season (warts and all) as much as anyone.

With no interest from the remaining major networks in picking up the canceled series, rumors that CMT and Hulu
may sign off on some sort of cross-platform joint venture is mobilizing the fan base.  While such a partnerships may be the wave of the future, it is only because audiences are already so fragmented.  Advertisers of the caliber required to step up to the plate don't find a piece of the pie particularly compelling.

How many cast members are prepared to take a pay cut?  If cast members are viewed as expendable (as they were during the series' ABC run), will there be a similar loss of interest in the new hires, the plots and subplots created for them?

Two different endings were filmed for the Season Four finale.  The one viewers didn't see was the one that would have aired had ABC renewed the series for a fifth season.

The cliffhanger that viewers saw will prove problematic should the series find a new home.  It's hard for either screenwriters or viewers to be invested in the first episode of a new season that begins with the outcome of a main character aboard a plane that has been reported missing: Whatever the outcome, at this point it's pretty much a yawn, because the authenticity that drove the series'  earliest and best episodes degenerated into parodies of extreme behavior and, yes, far too many instances of extreme circumstances that stretch a viewer's ability to affect a suspension of disbelief.

It's too bad the series couldn't end on a positive, high note but, keep in mind, the last episode of Season Four was written months before ABC canceled Nashville.  There is sufficient loyalty and money to be made to keep the series going for another season or two, but there won't be not enough of either to evoke the current level of sadness and anger at that point when it will have overstayed its welcome.      



While it may seem that TONY BROWN has received yet another legal break, there is more to this story than meets the eye.


"Come join the party and meet The Country Network's executives."

So read SHELLY MULLINS' invitation to receive VIP Reservation Tickets for June 8, 2016 tapings of TCN's new series at Nashville's Whiskey Bent Saloon.  "You could be on The Country Network!  We'll be filming episodes of  Our Land: The Music Highway... VIP reservations are close to the stage and include a red carpet photo, swag from The Country Network" and the opportunity to enjoy the musical performances of DARYLE SINGLETARY, THE WILLIS CLAN, LUCAS HOGE, SOUTHERN HALO, DENNY STRICKLAND, ERICA NICOLE and the proverbial "many others" who were on hand for a marathon series of tapings that began at 10 a.m. and were scheduled to continue on into the post midnight hour.



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