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JOHNNY CASH brushing his teeth with a mouthful of toothpaste?

ANITA CARTER fainting onstage in the middle of a show?

TOM T. HALL downing Scotch, Hall's beverage of choice, during a 1989 bacon and cabbage lunch?

MERLE HAGGARD refusing to tour Ireland? 

performing an impromptu private concert of obscure country songs in Dublin.

These are just some of the events Irish promoter/manager/musician KIERAN CAVANAGH witnessed and details here.


DOLLY PARTON, the subject of JASON SHEELER's December, 2022 Better Homes & Gardens cover story, discusses all things seasonal including her reliance on food coloring in the making of red and green pancakes.


TAYLOR SWIFT pioneered building a country music fan base via social media, but did you ever wonder how many of Taylor's most recently reported Instagram followers have turned out to be fake?   

Scams.info has the answer.  Its research reveals that of the 231,200,000 Instagram accounts supposedly belong to Swifties, an estimated 60,921,200 (or 26.35%) of these are bogus followers.


Thanks to JASON ASHCRAFT for the invitation to attend ADAM WARNER
's music showcase and album pre-release party on December 7, 2022 (a/k/a the 81st anniversary of the Day of Infamy) at The Local.


The erstwhile Nashville Network's Studio A, via the Grand Ole Opry's backstage entrance, was the site of a November 18, 2022 
OAK RIDGE BOYS news conference and reception (invitation courtesy of JEREMY WESTBY and SCOTT SEXTON).

The quartet took the opportunity to announce that their Christmas in Tennessee dinner shows are returning for an unprecedented third consecutive year (November 23rd- December 25, 2022)
at the  Gaylord Opryland Hotel Resort and Convention Center.

Reflecting on the group's residency, JOE BONSALL reminded the invitation-only media that the first year of the show- a series of 2020 pandemic performances- required its own unprecedented degree of due diligence.  Last year, with the availability of vaccination, some of the uncertainty amid masking and social distancing gave way to a more traditional show with a larger crowd.  

This year's festivities will feature 32 total performances including Thank God For Kids, originally featured on the Oaks' 1982 gold Christmas LP. 

DUANE ALLEN indicates the sheer number of Oaks' recordings over the years gives the group the opportunity to dust off some of those earlier recordings that fans haven't heard in awhile and add them to the mix.

RICHARD STERBAN added that, as the Oaks "don't sing" on any stage, without performing their secular signature songs, that mix will include  include Elvira,.

While  WILLIAM LEE GOLDEN   good-naturedly endured ribbing about giving Santa beard tips, the group was proud to announce its 2023 tour schedule, the Oak Ridge Boys' current configuration's 50th anniversary on April 23, 2023 and, last but not least, its 2023 partnership renewal as spokesmen for AARP's Fraud Watch.  


Citi presale tickets for  LAINEY WILSON's  Country With a Flare tour are available here.


In case you missed
LeANN RIMESASCAP Golden Note Award presentation, you can listen to her interview with CHRIS WILLMAN here.


Thanks to LIBBIE COFFEY for the invitation to attend (just prior to our national Veterans Day commemoration and federal holiday on November 11, 2022)  the November 8, 2022 Rock to Remember Gibson Gives Guitars for Vets Awareness and FundraiserHosted by JARED JAMES NICHOLS and featuring several other artists, the live concert at Gibson Garage also offer attendees food, drink and a the opportunity to bid on auctioned items, sales of which fund "music programs for returning U.S. military veterans afflicted with PSTD." (Recorded for broadcast, Rock to Remember streams globally on Wednesday, December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day) here and here.

... to British Buddy MICHAEL EASTWOOD for the media invitation to attend SABRINA FRANCIS' October 27, 2022 performance at London's Bush Hall. 

... and to NICOLE CLARK and SAMANTHA NEIRA for the invitation to attend Nashville's DSW CROWN VINTAGE FALL POP UP October 19, 2022.  

JOHN RICH threw his Nashville home open to well-heeled guests on October 20, 2022 for "an evening of fun and country music.''

The occasion was a fundraiser for Colorado CONGRESSWOMAN LAUREN BOEBERT.

Donors shelled out "suggested contributions" of $12,900 (Gold Sponsors), $5,000 (Sponsors), $3,000 (Individuals) or $2,000 (Attendees).

Gold sponsors received two cocktail reception tickets, a place in the photo line and entrance to the general reception. Sponsors received a single ticket, a place in the photo line and entrance to the general reception.  VIPs received a photo line ticket and entrance to the general reception.


Column's congrats to
VERNELL HACKETT, belated 2021 Academy of Western Artists' WILL ROGERS Awards' recipient.

Covid postponed last year's AWA awards, so, along with her fellow category winners, Vernell was properly recognized (as an
ELMER KELTON LITERARY AWARD recipient) when the 26th annual AWA awards winners convened in Fort Worth at Texas Christian University's Brown Lupton Ballroom on October 13, 2022.


Want a piece of
ALABAMA's  publishing?  

In 2022, radio income continues to drive earnings, with streaming a close second, the latter increasing 74% over the past five years.
Want a piece of ALABAMA's  publishing?  

In 2022, radio income continues to drive earnings, with streaming a close second, the latter increasing 74% over the past five years.

A share of songwriter royalties from the group's hit, If You're Gonna Play in Texas is now available to the highest bidder.  Details here.

A share of songwriter royalties from the group's hit, If You're Gonna Play in Texas is now available to the highest bidder.  Details here.


DIANE JORDAN is impressed with the array of old TV shows (complete with the original commercials) available 24/7 (along with the complete schedule of offerings on the same page) here: "I watched a couple of episodes of Ozzie and Harriet

"Ozzie really did resemble MARTY ROBBINS."

Diane worked with "Mr. Teardrop" and notes that Marty's son was a big fan of the Nelsons as well.  She recalls RONNY ROBBINS telling her that "When he was little, he'd see Ozzie on TV and point and say, "Daddy." (The bandleader turned TV producer and family sitcom star was, in fact, a notorious philanderer, but that's an entirely different story...)


CHARLIE ROSE sends a link to his own memories of LORETTA LYNN.  Check out Charlie's 2002 interview here.


Make way for SHANIA TWAIN's new "duet partner!" 

Who knew CHRIS WALLACE (my first cousin's husband's uncle's wife's first cousin once-removed's ex-wife's grandfather's wife's son's ex-wife's sister's husband's sister's ex-husband's wife's ex-husband's son, for all of you genealogy buffs and KEVIN BACON fans) could sing?  Man, I Feel Like A Woman, yet? https://muckrack.com/jasonsheeler


Looking for a job at Circle TV?

Effective October 1, 2022 Gray Television (Circle TV's parent company) is raising pay for its roughly 2,000 employees ranging from TRENT BARRY CLUTTS to lesser-known full-time, part time workers and freelancers when those lowest on the media organization's totem pole receive the company's new minimum wage of $18/hour.

Want a piece of
LADY A(NTEBELLUM)'s  publishing?

A share of songwriter royalties from the trio's hit, Like A Lady is now available to the highest bidder.  Details here.


Thanks to KENZIE DAVIS for the invitation to attend ACID DAD's October 24, 2022 performance (opening for PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS) at the Exit/In.  
... and to SAMANTHA TILLMAN for inviting me to a private October 3, 2022 reception celebrating JOHN MELLENCAMP's art exhibition Paintings and Assemblages at the New York Academy of Art.  Among Mellencamp's portraits: JOHNNY CASH.  

... and to DOUG HALL, JULIA CASEY and LIBBIE COFFEY for media invitations to attend Transatlantic Unplugged ("a private invite only event," the September 13, 2022 celebrating "the very best of singular artists from the UK and US, across the Big Feat roster and beyond" earmarks "donations at the door [for]  Gibson Gives).
... to Doug and Julia for the invitation to attend MARCUS KING's sold-out performances at The Ryman on September 29 and 30, 2022.

... to LEIGH GREANEY for the invitation to attend THE PARANOYDS' September 21, 2022 showcase at SOFT JUNK where they'll "do a more DIY show in Nashville before the big show at the BLUE ROOM on October 21st."

... and to SHE IS THE MUSIC and LIVE NATION WOMEN for extending an invitation-only opportunity to attend THE BEAUTIFUL NOISE LIVE MIXER September 20, 2022 at THE LOFT in Atlanta, Georgia."


You may know that ZAC BROWN BAND travels with a full gym, but Brown tells BRANDEN PETERS that his rolling workout center  performance is essential to the singer' s wellbeing: Without it, Zac says he runs the repeated risk of getting "hunched over" to the point where, in 2021, after he sustained "L5 issues, a bulging disc" and the inability "to move my leg, I had to have surgery to take some of the trash out."

With his tendency to gain weight, Brown insists he's more about fitness than fat, though his goal is to "get my body fat percentage down... I want to be running up and down mountains when I'm 70 years old.  I don't want to be alcoholic, red-faced, hunched over, can't move... I want to be a ripped old dude."


for the media invitation to join AARON WATSON with special guest ERIN KINSEY in performance on August 26, 2022 at Nashville's Brooklyn Bowl.

(Tickets for the general public are available here.)

KELLI WASILAUSKI and HALEY MORIVA for the invitation to join them on August 22, 2022 at Nashville's Whiskey Jam for Whiskey Jam Presents GENE WATSON & Friends.

Gene will be performing songs from Outside the Box, a 12-song release featuring RHONDA VINCENT and  WILLIE NELSON, available for pre-order on August 16, 2022.  (Release date is September 16, 2022.)

... And to LIBBIE COFFEY (no relation to my third cousin TERRY COFFEY?) for extending two invitations, each at Gibson's Garage .  The first, on August 16, 2022 features RUSH lead guitarist ALEX LIFSON and "Gibson leaders," is a "special event and photo op to benefit MONROE CARELL JR. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, Room at the Inn and Gibson's philanthropic arm, Gibson Gives

Two days later, another  "media invite;" this one to "join us for a first look" at the BILLY REID x GIBSON Hummingbird Collection of apparel

Guests attending the August 18, 2002 event are assured of a good time that begins with a Media Preview of the collection and Happy Hour ("cocktails and small bites will be served"), during which media types will also be able to hobnob with Reid and Gibson CEO JAMES "JC" CURLEIGH.

Stories and sound bytes to that point in hand, it will then be time to take a second look at what otherwise may have been missed before settling back to enjoy the rest of the evening featuring MARGO PRICE in performance.  


Don't blame the messenger (as you're reading it here first, that would be yours truly), but I suspect that LORETTA LYNN, CONNIE SMITH and fans who are unable to suspend disbelief (or who might have other objections) will not be entirely pleased to learn of JACK TRUMAN Productions' upcoming original one-act play titled (what else?) Connie and Loretta. (On second thought, Truman could have dubbed his production "Loretta and Connie," but I digress...)

What's not to like?

Some will say "Nothing,"  though the actors may grumble that they won't be paid for their roles (though they will be credited) in this "independent" production.

Still others will cite the storyline: Set in the 1960s, the Lynn and Smith characters "evolve into a lesbian relationship."  (Is there no budget to pay the actors because of a budgeted expense that would prevent the issuing of a cease-and-desist order?)

While this isn't a docudrama, fictionalized accounts of recognizable, living people tend to be problematic, though if the production receives   CHUCK LONG's notice- endorsement or condemnation of the play's execution- we'll hear more about it on Out & About Today.

And- if, like many stage plays, this one ever makes it to the silver screen, I hope CINA SAMUELSON (who probably wishes it were possible to copyright a title) will be featured on the title song of the soundtrack.


Oy vey!

  Crockett is of "mixed Black, Cajun, Creole and Jewish heritage," thus the question of the singer, who was raised by a single mother (as one might expect of someone carrying the aforementioned baggage): If you haven't already, do you plan to join the Black Jewish Entertainment Alliance(On a slightly related note, Charley adds of his musical influences "I know there's a Grand Canyon for some folks between BOB DYLAN and TOM T. HALL

"I love Tom T. Hall [but] the reality is if you took Tom T. Hall out of me, I'd still be good.  But take Dylan out and I probably wouldn't be doing it at all."

Paging TAYLOR SWIFT?: Thanks to MING ZHAO for profiling yours truly for an Authority Magazine profile titled Power Women: STACY HARRIS on How to Successfully Navigate Work, Love and Life as a Powerful Woman.  (Special thanks also to Rabbi YITZI WEINER.)


If TRACE ADKINS has his way, ANDY OGLES will be Tennessee's next (gerrymandered) fifth district congressman. 

Adkins is showing his support in turning the traditionally blue district in the red state red by joining Ogles for a VIP roundtable and meet-and-great fundraiser to which all interested are invited.

Levels of access to the July 19, 2022 event in Lebanon, Tennessee are tied to contributions ranging from $25 to $5,800.  More information is available here.


Want a piece of
LUKE COMBS' publishing?

A share of publishing royalties from Combs' certified platinum hit, She Got the Best of Me is now available to the highest bidder.  Details here.


' quest for justice is now somewhat resolved.  Though, thanks to his criminal defense attorney, SHYANNE RIDDLE JAY BARKER gets by with a slap on the wrist, Barker's one-year's probation won't officially end until Jay receives the "all clear" at a probation hearing now set for May 11, 2023 at 11:45 a.m. in Birch Building Courtroom 4C.


Re: TOBY KEITH's stomach cancer diagnosis: Toby announced on June 12, 2022 that, after a Fall, 2021 diagnosis, he's "spent the last six months receiving chemo, radiation and surgery."

According to the American Cancer Society, Toby's early intervention and treatment gives him an excellent chance for survival beyond the
  average five-year prognosis.


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