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What's the latest on JIMMIE ALLEN?

While Allen's legal team is preparing its Response to the accusations (see earlier coverage below) against him  amid Jimmie's music industry management, booking agency, record label, publicist et al having jumped ship, at this writing, according to Allen's website, Jimmie's May 26, 2023 Peppermint Concert Hall appearance (with tickets priced from $64- $114) has yet to be canceled.

However, the handwriting appears to be on the wall: "Tickets for this event are not on sale" reads the disclaimer below the listing, while the venue's website, lists upcoming concerts featuring other artists in the absence of any mention of Allen's gig.

Similarly, Jimmie's website lists a June 8, 2023 appearance at Happy Harry's Ribfest, but the June 7-11 event's website, with a different featured entertainer scheduled for each day, as of this writing, no longer shows any performance scheduled for June 8th.

It's been confirmed that Jimmie has been dropped from the Brown County Fair's August 19, 2023 entertainment lineup.

Meanwhile, no Instagram apology, as of this writing, on Allen's website, but the invitation remains to join Jimmie's fan club and to "text me."


If increasing complaints from electric car owners about their vehicles'  motors' interfering with the automobiles' AM radio signal (resulting in fading signals and annoying buzzing sounds), result in gridlock created by manufacturers' plans to cease including AM radio stations in new cars amid efforts to pass legislation preventing that from happening, does the outcome impact the future of WSM Radio and The Grand Ole Opry?

CHARLIE LOUVIN 's widow, BETTY has died of natural causes at age 93.


Re: JIMMIE ALLEN et al.  (The 18-page Complaint is available here).  It's been the subject of some discussion prior to May 11, 2023.   I even broadly hinted at it in my response (found in the comments section) to an April 26, 2023 Page Six article following my comments of three days before.

In the midst of all the subsequent shoddy cut-and-past reporting, much of it from "bloggers" who are not Nashville-based and have no idea of Music Row culture as it has evolved over the last half-century,  the reluctance to question and line up respective narratives as they relate to the respective timelines and to ask the natural follow-up questions, I'm holding feet to the fire and will have much more to report "for the record" when I am able to do so responsibly despite an atmosphere where "Jane Doe" anonymity (as well as the identity of the woman she replaced) is erased with a Google search.  (Variety and  Page Six, are two of the few entertainment web sites that still retain a comments section, but, ironically, Variety deleted comments I posted May 11, 2023, calling the trade out for its inability to withstand criticism of its "reporting.")

While Stacy's Music Row Report doesn't provide space to leave comments (I'd have no time for paid subscribers, if I had to moderate others), I welcome fans and critics alike and quote them in this space whenever they want me to do so. In return, I only ask that they identify themselves to me.  If they request it, I will withhold their names when I print their comments with their with permission- and only with their permission.

As for the others, those who dish it out ought to be able to take it, as I indicated to Variety when I wrote, in part, "At this time these comments are the first to appear, assuming Variety has not excised any others for reasons that tend to discourage the the discourse Variety supposedly seeks. 

"In that Variety deleted my comments re: a request for correction to its reporting on Tom T. Hall at a time when Billboard made its own correction, with proper attribution, I won't be surprised if my comments here disappear. 

"That said, some editorializing, abundantly missing from most Music Row reporting, is clearly in order.

"For example, how long before- dare I say it?- the racial component becomes part of the narrative in a cast of characters including, apparently, only a "token" Black man?..."

In the Allen matter, I begin with my examination of prepared statements.  They are no substitute for availability and candor.  Likewise, lurid accounts give rise to questions of judgment, even as, depending on the evaluator's own life experience and/or interpretation, the allegations and the responses to them thus far, either sicken or titillate.

That the serious charges are civil rather than criminal, if they are to be believed, 
require an explanation as the only currency (pardon the pun) of civil litigation is money.  Civil litigation of this nature suggests a monetary settlement.

With ASH[LEY] WALTON BOWERSWIDE OPEN MUSIC and "JOHN DOES 1-100"  as the other defendants in the lawsuit targeting Allen,
the battle of the attorneys features  ELIZABETH FEGAN (who has repped clients who brought down HARVEY WEINSTEIN) and  JOHN SPRAGENS for the Plaintiff versus ANDREW BRETTLER (whose clients have included ARMIE HAMMER, PRINCE ANDREW, CHRIS NOTH, BRYAN SINGER and DANNY MASTERSON) for the Defense. 

It's long past time to put Music Row on trial.  Twenty years ago I exclusively reported on BILL IVEY's behavior and, more recently, set the record straight about the miscreants (yes, that's plural) in the KIRT WEBSTER controversy.  Threats galore, in both instances from those the reader would suspect when names are named, but when factual information is just that, irrefutable, lawsuits do not follow (though, as long as Teflon
exists, the guilty will continue to be embraced by Record Row). 

Prior to, and since then, I've been publicly vocal about my own #MeToo experiences, naming names from JOHN CALVIN BECK (a/k/a "Colonel" TOM ANTHONY ) and DON MARKHAM to those more recognizable today.

Even looking at it from the other side, I find it interesting, but not surprising, that innocent until proven guilty outside the courtroom does not apply, at least not to Allen.  Accusations ideally subject to proof have been sufficient, as Allen, instantaneously persona non grata beginning with his being axed from the May 11, 2023 Academy Country Music Awards (with JESSE KNUTSON still standing), awaits trial with the ACMs triggering the domino effect of industry support no longer there for him.


Music Row is wondering what SONNY JAMES, who died in the loving care of Nashville's Alive Hospice, would make of the current controversy in which Middle Tennessee's only nonprofit hospice currently finds itself.  Like financial donors, such as yours truly, I don't imagine entertainers, notably RIDERS IN THE SKY (who were among the first country-music artists to champion and raise money for an organization dedicated to the work of tireless and compassionate healers, who offer personalized care as well as grief support) are too happy with media speculation about its future, either.
If you were thinking about buying JOHN PRINE's Oak Hill home, you're too late.  With the settling of the Prine estate, the late singer/songwriter's Overton Lea Road abode has been sold.  Sales price: $4,261,000.


Column's thanks to DOUG HALL for inviting me to attend MAGGIE MILES' The Lack Thereof album release show May 17, 2023 at the Exit/ In     

...to MADI FLORENCE for media invitations to see THE AQUADOLLS May 8, 2023 Spring Fling tour performance at THE END

...to SAMANTHA LaPARE for the invite to JORDAN ARMSTRONG's Nashville debut (also
May 8, 2023) at Caf Coco.

...(once again) to
DOUG HALL for inviting me to join the media guest list at PETER ONE's May 6, 2023 Come Back to Me album release show at Third Man (as well as to Peter's April 14, 2023 Grand Ole Opry debut)

...and to ZACK KRAMER for extending an invitation to OLIVIA JEAN's Raving Ghost album release show May 5, 2023 at the Blue Room


Don't miss your chance to obtain a portion of ERIC PASLAY's album royalties.  Details here.


You're reading it here first (as always): MARGO PRICE was drawn into the fray when members of the Tennessee House of Representatives' of the 113th Tennessee General Assembly, on its 21st legislative day, attempted to expel Representative GLORIA JOHNSON following the body's expulsion of Representative JUSTIN JONES and prior to its same-day expulsion of Representative JUSTIN PEARSON.

But possibly thanks to Price, Representative Johnson was saved from expulsion, in a rare demonstration of a "crossing the aisle" vote of bipartisanship (the motion to expel Johnson failed by one vote;  a 65-30 tally)  following this "live" locally-televised exchange:

In response to a battery of attempts at "gotcha" questions from Tennessee Representative GINO BULSO, following the national coverage of a protest at the Tennessee State Capitol March for Our Lives after the Covenant School shootings, ending with  "Are you the person who brought the bullhorn into the chamber?,"  Representative Johnson responded "Thank you so much for that question.  I am so happy you asked that.

"I absolutely did not.  A lot of you folks passed a lot of gossip around about where that megaphone came from.  And let's just talk about it right now, because a friend of mine came in the morning and walked with  me through the tunnel and she didn't know if the protesters were going to be inside or outside.

"Her name is Margo Price.  You might have heard of her.

"Anyway, we got upstairs and the protest was not indoors, so she said 'I want to go outside where the protest is' and I said 'Here.  You're going to want your megaphone out there.'

"So, at the doors, I handed her her megaphone and she went outside.  Later, she messaged me and said she's coming back up. 'I know I can't bring my megaphone in.  Can you put it in your scooter?'

"And I said 'Absolutely.'

"And so we put the megaphone in the scooter.  I talked to two troopers who watched me do it and they said to me 'Would you please not
get that out the rest of the day?' and I said 'Absolutely' to them... So much for the gossip  That megaphone never left my scooter.  It's in my office now.  Anybody who would like to go down and look for prints- it will have my prints and Miss Margo Price's prints on it."

The only "surviving" lawmaker of what, with apologies to JOHNNY CASH, is being referred to as "The Tennessee Three," Representative Johnson has proven that it pays to be Caucasian, a friend of Margo Price's- or both!


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