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Thanks to The Recording Academy Communications Team and Rogers & Cowan's Music Entertainment Team for the offer of media credentials for the 59th Annual Awards Grammy® Awards airing February 12, 2017.


DOLLY PARTON and JENNIFER NETTLES spent the better part of the morning November 3, 2016 speaking with reporters at Citation Support facility.  The occasion was a joint press conference (followed by "red carpet-style one-one-ones") to publicize Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love.  The sequel to NBC's 2015 dramatization , based on Dolly's 1971 hit single of the same name airs November on the peacock network November 30, 2016, while the digital HD version of ... drops December 1, 2016.  The program will be available on Blu-ray and on DVD December 20, 2016. (Among the DVD's special features are a 10-minute documentary on the making of the TV movie, a Tiny Tasseltop section featuring the famous doll that Parton's parents' made for Dolly, another segment titled 1955: A Snapshot in Time, spotlighting the production's cast members in a recreation of the time in which the story is set, and some footage intended for the TV movie that ended up on the cutting room floor.)

Want to be the among the first to pick up a copy of the DVD?  You may pre-order it here.

Jennifer, who appeared as Dolly's mother in the  reprises her role in  ...  Nettles was on hand, not only to support the production, but also to promote her current album, To Celebrate Christmas (which includes the Parton-penned Circle of Love).

In an exclusive interview with Nettles, I asked Jennifer (whose 2016 Christmas album also includes the IRVING BERLIN's standard, Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep), about her reaction to 's decision not to carry AMY GRANT's Tennessee Christmas.  Jennifer, surprised by the news, declared her admiration for Amy's music and opined that Lifeway is "missing an opportunity."

In an exclusive interview with Dolly, I asked Parton about the singer's plans for her Imagination Library in the age of eBooks.  Like me, Dolly enjoys the feel of a hardcover or paperback book, but she concedes that her pet project "has to change with the times."  As to what form that may take as the closing of bookstores, the demise of two-newspaper cities and the proliferation of digital libraries do not necessarily bode well for readers who prefer audiobooks and eBooks over the conventional dead trees variety, Dolly says she has no answers but that her Imagination Library advisers are certainly aware of the situation and will be working on it.

KIRT WEBSTER, JEREMY WESTBY and CAITLIN DEFOREST hosted the event attended by NANCY KRUH, MICHAEL KELLEY, MARK BERRYHILL and the proverbial "many others."  



The 2016 Country Music Association Awards were dedicated to the memory of  TZVI SMALL.  The CMA would have you know that Small produced several CMA awards and specials and prefers you forget that Small was a defendant in a 1991 lawsuit coworker LISA KIVEL filed in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging Small told Kivel he was "sexually aroused" by the thought of her and that, angry when Lisa refused to have sex with him, Tzvi threw papers and pens at her.


Expect THE OAK RIDGE BOYS to be "hotter than ever" on media day, November 14, 2016 at the Hermitage, Tennessee offices of Webster PR.  The quartet will entertain questions at a morning news conference to be followed by their providing the opportunity for one-on-one interviews.  

The Oaks' new 
Christmas album will likely be a starting point of conversation, to be punctuated by hosts and guest enjoying a "southern-style bread 'n' butter jalapenos tasting."  (Yes, these are the jalapeno treat Report readers can sample at Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores.)      


Thanks to PAUL EHMER for the reminder that the title song of AARON CRAWFORD's most recent album, Evergreen, has just been released.  You may order it here


WILLIE NELSON, at 83, may remain unapologetic about his years of smoking marijuana, but, legalities and double-standards aside (assuming it is morally-plausible to dismiss either),  Willie likely sings a different tune about his years of smoking cigarettes.

Nelson, who has battled both pneumonia an emphysema, has found it easier to breathe since undergoing stem cell therapy.  

The Food and Drug Administration would not approve: The FDA frowns on stem cell therapy having only approved Hemacord.  Hemacord is a stem cell therapy product used by patients with particular blood disorders characterized by a low blood count.



Thanks to KYLE WATSON for the invitation to join SYLVIA at an October 13, 2016 acoustic brunch at the Hermitage, Tennessee offices of Webster PR.  Sylvia is celebrating the release of her album, It's All in the Family.  

... and to MARTHA MOORE for the invitation to join DENNY STRICKLAND at an October 12, 2016 private screening party for Denny's music video, Get A Grip at The Cellar@The Sutler Saloon....




Did you know that 
CHARLIE DANIELS is a perennial WNPT Pledge Week favorite?

Daniels provided the narration for Nashville World War II Stories, a program that first aired back in 2007.   Locally produced, the program documents the personal stories of Nashvillians who served their country alongside others of  "America's Greatest Generation."   It has proven to be such a favorite that Channel 8 keeps bringing it back during its periodic fundraisers.

Don't live in Nashville?  Call your local PBS affiliate to request that it order the program from WNPT.

Music Row is reading 
Lost Rockers: Broken Dreams and Crashed Careers (by STEVEN BLUSH with PAUL RACHMAN and TONY MANN).

Nashville figures rather prominently in the book that otherwise mentions entertainers ranging from JOAN RIVERS to HARRY BELAFONTE.

DAVID BRIGGS is referenced as is TONY ALAMO.  The latter, someone who most on Record Row would like to forget, is credited with securing BOBBY JAMESON an appearance on American Bandstand after Alamo bought a couple of $15,000 ads (in Billboard and Cashbox).  The authors believe the late would-be star succeeded in launching Bobby's ultimately sabotaged career by apparently being the only known advertiser in the history of the trades to get the magazines on board while somehow managing to bilk them (i.e., Tony never paid for the ads)!

The authors also indicate that RCA Records President BOB SUMMER signed Jameson in 1977, "but that relationship soured... Among the issues was Jameson's refusal to hire Summers' friend, a notorious Nashville coke dealer, as manager."

is among a number of others on music's fringes profiled in the book.  Dorritie ultimately saw her best opportunity to be close to the music as a groupie.  As CHERRY VANILLA, Dorritie gained the sort of fame that comes from claiming conquests such as KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, BURTON CUMMINGS and the proverbial many other big names. 


TOM T. HALL has not been in the best of health for some time.  Given my conversation with Hall's attorney, unheeded warnings and exposé of the questionable practices of a doctor Tom and his late wife, DIXIE relied upon several years before Cyber Bluegrass' confirmation of Hall's decline, perhaps notice of an otherwise premature estate and antique auction/downsizing is not so surprising.

Consider the interesting family dynamic:  Tom brought Dixie's mother, MAY CROWTHER LAWRENCE from May's home in the U.K. to live with the Halls.  Following her death on August 17, 1977, May (who Tom nicknamed "Chubby") was buried at Nashville's Woodlawn Cemetery.  (Dixie's father,  WILLIAM LAWRENCE was buried elsewhere.)

Dixie chose to be cremated, her ashes spread over the Halls'  Fox Hollow estate where she is memorialized with a  gravesite.  But Tom will be leaving Dixie behind, having privately announced his intention to sell Fox Hollow. (The elaborate memorial should make for some interesting staging!)

In preparation for the MLS listing, Tom has moved into a guest house area on the property.

Back to the estate sale and auction: If you're interest in purchasing "exquisite furniture" (i.e. "tables, chairs, linen press, breakfronts, chests, 18th and 19th century furniture, mirrors, oil paintings, prints bronzes and much more") you might want to check it out.

Musical items for sale include "some of Tom T.'s stage instruments that he personally played on stage, including a 1961 Martin guitar, a 1966 Fender Mustang, a 1974 Dobro Brand Dobro, some fiddles, a trumpet, a saxophone and other musical instruments."

You can preview the Hall haul on October 21, 2016  from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the sale location, 1690 Mallory Lane in Brentwood, Tennessee.  The auction/sale occurs the following morning, beginning at 11 a.m.

Terms of sale: 10% Buyer's Premium (15% Buyer's Premium for online purchases).  

"These estate consignment will be sold with no minimums or reserves."

Call 423-877-6114 for further information.



Why is RAY STEVENS not in the Country Music Hall of Fame? (Full disclosure:  I'm a veteran of 45+ years in the country-music business, but I am not, nor have I been asked to be, an [anonymous, and therefore unaccountable] elector).

Were I to have a vote, there are other artists, personal favorites, who I would be happy for should they be inducted, but, I don't think the Hall is lacking without them.  I could not crowd these thoughts out as I voted my conscience.

For it's impossible to induct all of our favorites without the Hall further losing its exclusivity as happened when industry politics, uninformed electors, mass inductions, etc. and the inability to focus on who best meets the stated qualifications of induction became part of the mix.

Some (performing) inductees just sang. Others can't sing but were popular because of their songwriting.  Still others were primarily comedians or instrumentalists.

Ray Stevens has done it all.  So as objectively as I can (subjectively?) repeat, (primarily for the benefit of those who still find a Hall of Fame induction impressive or otherwise meaningful, given all of the sabotaging of same): Why is Ray Stevens not in the Country Music Hall of Fame? 



Column's congrats to JOHN PRINE, a recipient of the 2016 PEN New England Song Lyrics Award, presented by ELVIS COSTELLO to Prine, KATHLEEN BRENNAN and TOM WAITS in an awards ceremony September 19, 2016 at the JOHN F. KENNEDY Presidential Library and Museum.  

With summer weather in September, tourists who, in past years, have planned earlier vacations in Nashville will be joining Music City's residents in taking in this year's 33rd annual Home Decorating  & Remodeling Show, September 16-18 at the Music City Center.

Featuring hundreds of exhibitors from A (A Spice Above) to Z (Zerorez Nashville) the mix of seminars, exhibits, many of your favorite items and services as well as special discounts on home improvement items make this show an annual "must see."

Complete information, including ticket prices (free admission for seniors on Friday) and show times, is available here.


Thanks to CHELSEA DARTEZ for the late afternoon invitation to "join us to celebrate the debut of (SMITHFIELD's Sirius XM The Highway) Hey Whiskey" on CMT Music September 15, 2016.  The video premiere viewing party at House: A Social Eatery will be preceded by an interview op.




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