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Why is RAY STEVENS not in the Country Music Hall of Fame? (Full disclosure:  I'm a veteran of 45+ years in the country-music business, but I am not, nor have I been asked to be, an [anonymous, and therefore unaccountable] elector).

Were I to have a vote, there are other artists, personal favorites, who I would be happy for should they be inducted, but, I don't think the Hall is lacking without them.  I could not crowd these thoughts out as I voted my conscience.

For it's impossible to induct all of our favorites without the Hall further losing its exclusivity as happened when industry politics, uninformed electors, mass inductions, etc. and the inability to focus on who best meets the stated qualifications of induction became part of the mix.

Some (performing) inductees just sang. Others can't sing but were popular because of their songwriting.  Still others were primarily comedians or instrumentalists.

Ray Stevens has done it all.  So as objectively as I can (subjectively?) repeat, (primarily for the benefit of those who still find a Hall of Fame induction impressive or otherwise meaningful, given all of the sabotaging of same): Why is Ray Stevens not in the Country Music Hall of Fame? 



Column's congrats to JOHN PRINE, a recipient of the 2016 PEN New England Song Lyrics Award, presented by ELVIS COSTELLO to Prine, KATHLEEN BRENNAN and TOM WAITS in an awards ceremony September 19, 2016 at the JOHN F. KENNEDY Presidential Library and Museum.  

With summer weather in September, tourists who, in past years, have planned earlier vacations in Nashville will be joining Music City's residents in taking in this year's 33rd annual Home Decorating  & Remodeling Show, September 16-18 at the Music City Center.

Featuring hundreds of exhibitors from A (A Spice Above) to Z (Zerorez Nashville) the mix of seminars, exhibits, many of your favorite items and services as well as special discounts on home improvement items make this show an annual "must see."

Complete information, including ticket prices (free admission for seniors on Friday) and show times, is available here.


Thanks to CHELSEA DARTEZ for the late afternoon invitation to "join us to celebrate the debut of (SMITHFIELD's Sirius XM The Highway) Hey Whiskey" on CMT Music September 15, 2016.  The video premiere viewing party at House: A Social Eatery will be preceded by an interview op.


DARIUS RUCKER’s acceptance by country-music fans is conditioned on his personal life being largely ignored by media.   Interracial marriages have been the subject of country music songs that have gained cult followings, but the reality of same is something they don’t warm to, so anything more than a tacit don’t ask don’t tell agreement between Darius Rucker and country-music fans in general (rather than those who are, say, exclusively Rucker’s in particular and who therefore couldn’t care less) is regarded as flaunting a marital relationship that is really none of the fans’ business in the first place! 

WILLIE NELSON would likely defend himself by citing the lyrics of a T0M T. HALL song that sharply contrast with its offensive title: I Was Born in a One Nigger Town. 


As for African-American members of the Country Music Hall of Fame (with its disproportionate membership of white males), who is this third black member JOE BARGMANN counts along with CHARLEY PRIDE and DeFORD BAILEY in Bargmann's Dallas Observer article speculating on Rucker's breaking country-music's color barrier?   




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