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DIERKS BENTLEY and KETCH SECOR are set to join MANEET CHAUHAN November 14, 2020 as emcees of the
annual Nashville Public Library Literary Awards.   This year's "stay at home gala" begins at 7 p.m. Central time.

HANK LOCKLIN: Timeless Tenor, a production of WSRE-TV, airs on NPT-HD at 8 p.m. November 12, 2020.  The program will air three hours later  on NPT2 with repeat broadcasts on NPT2 on November 16th at 8 p.m. and on November 17th at 1 p.m.  All times Central.

Consult your local PBS station in order to find out if and when the program commemorating the 60th anniversary of Hank's 1960 Grand Ole Opry induction airs in your area.
  (Check out a sneak preview here.)  


"Being fascinated with names, I'm willing to bet that one of the first questions I asked MAC DAVIS when I originally interviewed him... while a student at the University of Maryland, was about his name.  I thought I remembered the answer, but many years and miles removed from the Cole Field House locker room (which doubled as Davis' dressing room) where we met after Mac's concert at College Park, his answer seems to be different."

So read the opening paragraph of an article I wrote titled Mac Davis: Song Painter, published in the the June, 2003 issue of Country Music People "some three decades-plus" after I relocated from College Park to Nashville. 

"Indeed, nowhere in my preparation for a reunion with [Davis] did I find his correct name," I informed CMP readers, revealing that Davis' full name,
Morris Mac Davis, (as became better known to the rest of the world following Mac's September 29, 2020 passing).

Not as well known, even following Mac's passing, is how the singer/songwriter/actor became universally known by his middle name.

During that second early afternoon 2003 interview, following Mac's same-day morning Nashville Songwriters Association International news conference,  the son of THOMAS JEFFERSON DAVIS and the former EDITH IRENE LANKFORD confided "Legally... I don't use the 'Morris' anymore because it's too confusing to people who think illegally that I'm Morris McDavis."

Any author planning on writing a book about Mac's life would do well to refer to my CMP article- the first of a two-part series that concluded with CMP's July, 2003 issue, in that the career retrospective uncovered many interesting facts about Davis' life.

Mac not only spoke candidly, for the first time and possibly last, time publicly about his relationship with GLEN CAMPBELL- or tabloid lack thereof (which after both men's deaths, by Davis' account, continues to be mischaracterized) he revealed some little-known facts about his life an career.  Among these were that when Mac's singing career began at Lubbock, Texas' Cumberland Presbyterian Church choir ("pretty much because my daddy made me"), the boy soprano "insisted that I sit with the men... I sang the bass line an octave up, or even two octaves up in some instances, because I refused- 'Mr. Macho'- to sit and be a soprano."

More?  The first in his family to attend college, Mac enrolled at Georgia State University at age 16!  "I told everybody I was going to study law but... I didn't know anything about the law."

The college dropout returned to music and, as a prolific songwriter, pitched a song called The Phantom Strikes Again to Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs' producer. "I don't remember the producer's name but I saw him go to the restroom and I had him pinned.  He had no place to go 'cause I got him while he was standing at the urinal and I started singing the song to him. 

"I had a captive audience, but he didn't like it.  I cut him a tape the next day and he did record it (on the quintet's 1966 L'il Red Riding Hood album)...

"I never did get paid the money I should have..."  Davis estimated his total royalties were "50 or 60 bucks," so [STAN KESLER] had some fun with me."

More?  Had BILL MEDLEY not passed on In the Ghetto (subtitled The Vicious Cycle), a song that came to be, partly through the courtesy of a FREDDY WELLER guitar lick, ELVIS PRESLEY might never had made Mac's song The King's own.


Who says no one sends handwritten notes anymore?  An autographed copy of THE LLOYD CARTER BAND's new CD, Nothing to Lose, just arrived via snail mail with the following note card: "Hi STACY!, I hope this package finds you well. 

"I wanted to send you some tunes to hopefully brighten your day.  This is my debut project and not only includes the title track, but two previously recorded singles titled Autumn Leaves and Come Dance With Me, not available digitally. 

"I would love to hear your thoughts and am available to chat at your convenience.

"Stay healthy and well!, LlOYD."

My thoughts?  What a terrific debut effort!  Lloyd, his writing partners GARY DiBENEDETTO (kin to ANTHONY BENEDETTO?) and HENRY McGILL  (with an assist from COLT FORD) have outdone themselves with an eclectic array of songs that will reassure listeners who wonder if the country music being written and produced today is still country.

Check 'em out and see if you don't agree!


If you haven't already heard SCOTT GERBER's music, you'll want to check it out.  Scott was the subject of my fellow IMDB polymath BONNIE BURT's 2002 documentary short, Songs of a Jewish Cowboy.

The 18-minute film is an intimate portrait of the California chicken ranchers' descendant, who bridges the unlikely gap between Yiddish and cowboy cultures.  Scott, carrying on his agricultural inheritance, is shown riding the range and singing his repertoire of cow and Yiddish songs at Simcha Sunday and at an Irish bar.

Along the way, he's hoping to meet a nice Jewish girl....

Can't stand the suspense?  Click here.


Music Row's residents of Nashville's 20th state senate district are taking note that one of our own (not me, though on June 17, 1998 I was sworn in as a member of the Davidson Country Democratic Party Executive Committee, representing voters of Nashville's 25th council district) is seeking to become our district's next state senator: Oak Hill Mayor HEIDI CAMPBELL.

Mayor Campbell's music business career résumé dates back to the 1990s when "I was the lead singer and writer for a band called The Keep."

The Nashville band had a "Triple-A rotation on our music, toured the Eastern U.S. and Germany and opened for the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, CAKE and a lot of other really cool alternative acts.  Our music also got picked up for several TV shows, and I started getting interested in licensing music to film and television through that.

"I started a company called All About Music and we licensed music for other independent artists, and on a consultation basis for Vanguard Records and Warner Brothers' alternative division.  While I was doing this I also was pursuing a full-time MBA at Vanderbilt.

"After I got my MBA, I moved to St. Paul for a period to be with my husband while he finished his JD/MBA, and to have a couple of kids, and worked with Innova Records, the record label of the American Composers Forum

"As with most people in the music industry, I wore various hats during this period of my life- I actually managed a band called Big House (amazing band) for a couple of years and was the promotional director for a Warner Brothers project called Groovegrass (a funk/bluegrass hybrid). 

"And I wrote a lot of songs and played a lot of gigs" before moving on to a career of public service.


You may have read where TIM McGRAW and FAITH HILL made a much-maligned list of prominent recipients of the U.S. Treasury Department's Paycheck Protection Program, thought not to need their share of the $520 billion in loans doled out by the Small Business Administration (SBA) with the goal of helping businesses to keep their employees employed as we all weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

The list also includes The Country Music Foundation, Starstruck Entertainment, Big Loud Records, GARY ALLAN Tours, LORETTA LYNN's Ranch, RASCAL FLATT's Touring Inc., OAK RIDGE BOYS, Inc.  and Show Dog, LLC.

Stacy's Music Row Report premium members know that a paid subscription has its perks.  Most recently, amid the COVID-19 pandemic pandemonium, I was glad to point the way for gig workers, independent contractors, freelancers etc., and those of us taxpayers who were ineligible to receive a stimulus check to receive free money, (or a loan if needed) that purposely wasn't publicized because the feds realized simple word-of-mouth would exhaust the supply of Benjamins available. 

Now when does the government (or most people, for that matter) offer free money (if you're in the tax bracket I'm in, it's actually your own money) with no strings attached?  Glad everyone who responded to my alert got their checks or loans as needed.


From the Music Row Report job bank:  If you've dreamed of becoming a senior producer for RFD-TV, here's your chance: The network seeks to fill this "senior editorial position" with a "true renaissance person" who has a degree in journalism or agricultural communications (a "Master's Degree is a plus") and who has four (4) years' experience in agribusiness.

The successful candidate must have the "ability to work non-traditional hours... in a fast paced, high pressure environment" and will be producing
"5 1/2 hours of stellar content."

This "natural leader" must, as a condition of employment, be willing to submit to a background investigation and find a salary of $40,000- $60,000 acceptable.

Interested?  Let me know and I'll provide further details and contact information.

What would HARLAN HOWARD have said about this?


Does GEICO's use of the opening bars of RICKY SKAGGS' recording of Heartbroke (written by GUY CLARK), in the company's current ad campaign, constitute a big pay day for anyone other than WARREN BUFFETT and the Oracle of Omaha's favorite insurance company?


For those who are paying attention (BOBBY BARE is probably not among them), I have not heard from AUSTIN RICK and SANDY BOONSTRA nor further from JESSE KNUTSON and ZACH FARNUM.

It is imperative that I do if any of the four want to be represented in what began as an effort to make some sense of limited media handling of one music industry scandal that seems to be turning into media suppression of quite another.

On a related note, it's amazing to me that coverage of massive staff reductions at the Country Music Hall of Fame do not finally bring attention to the culture that contributed to its board's determination of salaries and essential employees.

The investigation continues.


Column's congrats to OSM Audio and WNYC Studios (WNYC) - the latter, flagship station of one of my favorite radio programs, On the Media- on their prestigious (GEORGE FOSTER) PEABODY Award nomination for "DOLLY PARTON's America."



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