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Thanks to C2 Media Relations for the invitation to join the media guest list (including an opportunity for a pre-show interview) as CLAY WALKER takes the stage at 3rd & Lindsley June 10, 2015 as host of his Sixth Annual Chords of Hope Benefit Concert.  

As in years past, ticket sales for this year's event support Clay's charity, Band Against MS (BAMS), a 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit Clay established in 2003 as a means of helping those who, like himself, live with muscular dystrophy while also funding education about and research for the disease.
Those efforts appear to be paying off as Walker makes the accommodations necessary to continue to entertain his legion of fans, as thoroughly as he ever has, with every expectation that Clay will continue to do so next year, 2016, which will  mark the 20th year since Walker's diagnosis!

All proceeds benefit Vanderbilt University Hospital's Multiple Sclerosis Center.


From the emailbag STEPHEN BENNETT writes: "Dear STACY, I wanted to let you know that I think you website is incredibly useful and interesting.  I have read your site and got so much inspiration from it.

"I wanted to give you the heads up that I've written a fascinating up-to-date guide based on a survey of 2000 writers on how to beat writer's block... I've taken a long time pulling together the latest research and speaking to writers to find out what helped them beat it...

"I know you've written about this issue before.  In fact it was one reason that inspired me to do this list... You can check it out here."


Thanks to SHELLY MULLINS for the invitation to join the VIP guest list to attend the May 23, 2015 performance marking the return of RONNIE RENO and the Reno Tradition, performing live at The Station Inn. 

The host and producer of RFD-TV's Reno's Old Time Music, Ronnie and his group will perform songs from their new album, Lessons Learned.  


From the emailbag:  Report reader MARTYN EADEN writes: "Hello Stacy,  I hope this email find you well.

"I  work for OHIO PLAYERS, a band that truly broke the mold and changed the face of music forever.  The Players'' music is pure and organic, loose free form rhythms, classy horns, sharp keys, tight drums, funky licks, progressive album  covers.

"It’s fair to say Ohio Players are one of the greatest bands of all time.  During  their heights they produced 17 Top 40 hits, with 3 platinum and 5 gold selling albums in a row, including masterpiece songs such as Skin TightFireLove Rollercoaster and  Who'd She Coo?   They were inducted into the RnB Hall of Fame in 2013 and they were  awarded a prestigious BMI award for the theme music for 14 seasons of the Hells Kitchen TV show...

"The Players are looking to RESET the music industry and bring a sense of real  musicianship back to the world.

"We are asking the professional media community to please help by reblogging, retweeting,  offering interviews or performances from the band to get the word out.

"Please contact me for interviews, performances or appearances."   


ADLEY STUMP serves as musical headliner for the 2015 Southern Women's Show running April 30-May 3 at the Music City Center.  (Her booth features a complimentary servings of wine and free musical downloads to boot!)

The annual mix of food, fun,  prize drawings, music, celebrities, product demonstrations, health screenings, fashion, free magazine subscriptions (included in the ticket price) and hot firefighters this year features exhibitors from 
from A (A Beauty Must) to Z (Zipfizz)  and every indulgence in between.

Hours of operation, ticket prices, parking and general information are available by clicking here.     


You're reading it here first:  After moving its annual shareholders' meeting, over the last couple of years,  to the sites of its properties around the country (so as not to risk being confronted about then-ongoing litigation in which it was named as a defendant, along with fellow defendants the Country Music Association and the Country Music Foundation), the "Gaylord Gang" has bravely set its May 7, 2015 stockholders' meeting for 10 a.m. at Gaylord Opryland



From the Music Row job bank: If you're looking for full-time employment with benefits (401K/403B, bonuses, dental and medical coverage) RFD-TV has an "immediate opening " for a Director with three to five years of experience in a Top 50 market.

Candidates for this position must submit a reel with director's track. 

More information is available here.


The April 24, 2015 Grand Opening Preview and VIP Celebration of the GEORGE JONES Museum was a red-carpet event that had fans lining the sidewalks of the museum's new 44,000 square-foot home at 128 Second Avenue North in downtown Nashville, hoping to catch glimpses of their favorite stars prior to the official next-day opening.  

I was "roped-in" at times with the usual media suspects- and a new face (to me, anyway):  BOB RICHIE introduced himself (and was kind enough not to mention that I was probably not the first to tell him he doesn't look like KID ROCK as well as to extend, in his coverage, "Special thanks to STACY HARRIS for helping") with (an introduction and identification or two).           

The red carpet was rolled out at 5 p.m. and the procession of artists stepping out from limos and other high-priced wheels continued until shorty before 7 p.m. when Jones' widow, NANCY spoke to the museum's 800+ guests, introducing, or otherwise acknowledging, some by name.

Speaking (writing?) of introductions, MARTHA MOORE introduced me to KAYLA ADAMS and DEAN SCALLAN, while I reintroduced myself to RHONDA VINCENT,whom I hadn't seen in years (though I reviewed Rhonda's latest album here).  A noticeably trim(mer) RICKY SKAGGS told me that, following significant weight loss Ricky volunteered is not due to any illness, he is focused on maintenance for life.  Skaggs credits his faith with both his commitment to losing the pounds and for the harder tasks of eating healthy and sticking with it!

LORRIE MORGAN made a point of reaching out to me and REX ALLEN, JR., whom I hadn't seen in decades, proved he retains his photographic memory as he threw his arms around me,  reminiscing about seeing George Jones in, of all places, Las Vegas a decade ago and pointing out that some of the Possum's Jones Boys weren't always Jones'  road musicians. since, at one point, "half of [George's] band was mine!"

Museum tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for children ages 6-15.  One of the exhibits fans might find as intriguing as I do: a ticket to a George Jones and the Jones Boys' Dallas appearance booked by JACK RUBY!  (MICHAEL DeVAULT tells me the show was a "solo gig," so not only was Jones misidentified in this photograph, he wasn't sharing the stage with LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS.)

Maybe LULU ROMAN can shed some light on Jack Ruby's country-music connections?  

Lulu wasn't on hand for the Jones Museum preview but I have a pretty complete list of those celebs who were- or who were invited, or both.  I will make it available to anyone who cares to email me with her/his name, city and state (province or country, if outside the US) and, puts GEORGE JONES MUSEUM GUEST LIST in the subject line.          



Country Music People isn't known to shy away from controversy, but publication of a certain "Write to Reply" factual correction the magazine received, in response to statements made in its March, 2015 issue, is conspicuously missing from CMP's April, 2015 issue.  This is quite surprising among readers (and CMP writers) who have always believed that the publication is a stickler for facts.

When the documentation is there and can easily be independently verified, why should it be heresy to debunk mythology?   

It might have something to do with the ensuing fallout when CMP was brave enough to let the chips fall where they may the last time its editor had to make such an apparently tough decision.


KIT BABCOCK proved to be a fascinating, featured speaker at the April 16, 2015 meeting of the Music City Administrators Group.   Kit, whose husband, BROCK BABCOCK is an heir to the multi million-dollar JIMMY VAN HEUSEN song catalog, oversees the administration and licensing of Van Heusen's catalog as she  and Brock manage the late composer's publishing company.   

It's quite a responsibility, to say the least, since the Van Heusen catalog, containing some 800 songs (some of which have been featured in over 275 movies, an inestimable number of TV shows and commercials), 50 of which are considered American Songbook standards, may be one of the world's Top 20 most valuable song catalogues.  (Kit says the Babcock family refused a tempting $10 million offer to sell when advised that, properly-appraised, it will fetch much more.)


After making estimated tax payments April 15, 2015, it was a pleasure to join MARTHA MOORE, MATT BJORKE and BEV MOSER for dinner at Tazza.  

The occasion was Martha’s introduction to JOSH GOODLETT.  Martha wanted us to join Josh in the celebration of the release of Goodlett’s debut single, Why You Gotta Be That Way. 

The radio release coincided with Josh’s shooting his first music video with BOBBY E. BOYD in Hendersonville. 

Josh, a young, married father of five (four sons and a daughter) regaled us with the joy and hard work of balancing a burgeoning career with a blended family.   The native Kentuckian works with a voice coach and a personal trainer, the latter of whom put him on a maintenance diet for life that made for interesting conversation.

Goodlett, who is both an athlete and a sports fan, gave me a memorable parting gift which is the perfect compliment to an official Minnesota Twins baseball, autographed by SAM MELE and each member of the team's 1963 roster, that I won in a Hansord Pontiac drawing: an American-made Louisville Slugger  (the official bat of Major League Baseball, complete with packaging including the famous Major League Baseball logo covering a bat with the equally-famous Louisville Slugger manufacturer's logo) engraved with the personalization  "Thank you STACY HARRIS" above Goodlett's signature.    

Why didn't CARRIE UNDERWOOD think of that first?  (Maybe because she isn't lucky enough to have Martha "Skates" Moore working for her!)            


Concert performances by HANK WILLIAMS JR. ,  SUNNY SWEENY, TED NUGENT COLT FORD and ALAN JACKSON were among the highlights for National Rifle Association members attending the NRA's annual convention in Nashville April 9-11, 2015 at the Music City Center.    

Thanks to media credentials, provided courtesy of SUZIE KOEHNE  and CATHERINE MORTENSON, I was able to sharpen my shooting skills (to the extent possible with no bullets- not even blanks- in the guns' chambers) in the exhibit hall (an area more crowded than I've seen it at any country-music event). check out.  It was a wonderful opportunity to sit in on many of the sessions, meet a lot of people and watch several of the announced and- unannounced- (Republican) presidential candidates try to curry favor and- occasionally pander- to their potential base.  

The media section for the latter event was way in the back of the huge ballroom (not the best vantage for one with as poor vision as mine), so I opted to sit behind the VIP Section front rows (not sure who the VIPS were- I didn't recognize one in a section that remained largely empty throughout the presidential hopefuls' remarks), between two registrants who didn't understand why Nashville built a new (larger) convention center so that it could hold conventions of the NRA's size, but lacked the foresight to include sufficient adjoining and other convenient downtown to accommodate the attendees.

CHRIS COX (No, not the late President RICHARD NIXON's grandson of the same name) made me a little nervous, as he made me glad I sat where I was, during his opening remarks: "We're going to start off and- everybody be nice- wave to the back.  Those are our friends in the media back there.  They're all back there.

"Don't give them the one-finger salute, give them the full wave.  Those of you in the back have the safest assignment today.  Not just because of the brave men and women in uniform in uniform, but because of the rank-and-file NRA members who are carrying firearms right now.

"I hope you'll all keep that in mind when you are writing your stories about today's event because we are counting on you to be completely fair and honest."  

Cox's defensiveness was understandable given some NBC and CBS media reps I found in the press room who disparaged their hosts, when none appeared to be within earshot.  If they wanted to complain, assuming they knew something was awry, they might have chosen to do so about a notice in the press room directing media to  media tent for the "HANK WILLIAMS concert."     

Hank, Jr.'s was a free concert so admission was not limited to those attending the NRA Convention, but at least one couple who was registered was unhappy that they couldn't bring their firearms to the Alan Jackson Bridgestone Arena concert.   CHRIS WELCH and his wife, MARTY boycotted the event (or so they said, as the concert was reportedly sold-out), Chris explaining "They're not getting my money.  Even though Alan Jackson is a 'big star,' he's not getting one cent from me."    


Who exactly are the newest Country Music Hall of Fame inductees?

In the end, it's all about the plaques, of course.  Or is it?  

When THE STATLER BROTHERS were inducted, there was some question as to which of the quartet's hit-making lineups was being honored.  Consensus was reached with the display of a plaque of five Statlers (none of them with the surname Statler, only two of them brothers- but that's well-known another story...)  

THE OAK RIDGE BOYS' lineup has changed as well but, just as it is not the OAK RIDGE QUARTET that is being honored, no one expects to see STEVE SANDERS' picture on the plaque.

Only after THE BROWNS, the sibling trio hitmakers, called it quits did JIM ED BROWN become a solo act.  Yet a single Hall of Fame plaque will further muddy all the latter-day "modern era" and "veterans era" distinctions in a clumsy attempt to honor "Jim Ed Brown and the Browns" (an innovative billing in the latter category ) as a way to acknowledge both Jim Ed's solo and group career.

Why not two plaques?  ROY ROGERS was honored with two separate Hall of Fame plaques; first, in 1980, as a member of the SONS OF THE PIONEERS and then, eight years later, in his own right.     


If you 're a  regular Report reader you know that MARTHA MOORE and KIRT WEBSTER, whose publicity companies function independently even as Kirt and Martha collaborate in publicizing certain artists' activities and assorted industry events, in recent years have expanded their situational business partnership to transcend Music Row's traditional Media Day.

Media Day, which brings a lineup of reporters to a central location in order to be sandwiched between a colleague with an earlier slot and one with a later slot for purposes of a short interview with an artist who completes the equation of publicizing whatever needs ink or airtime, is highly organized and focused.

Martha and Kirt have taken the efficiency of Media Day and, over a period of two or three days, have invited smaller groups of key media to meet with artists they believe in over lunch or dinner; a much more relaxed setting where the conversation, while still on point,  is a little more free-ranging and intimate.

Kirt, battling a cold, missed the latest of these when Martha met me on the night of April 1, 2015 at 
Tazza.  Not long afterward Martha and I were joined by the evening's guest of honor, DENNY STRICKLAND, whose current single, Swerve On, is headed toward the Top 40 of the Music Row charts.

Denny, a Kansan by birth who calls Jonesboro, Arkansas home, caused my ears to perk up when he spoke of Hardy, Arkansas.  Hardy, close to Jonesboro, is, as the gift plate on my car’s front bumper proclaims, the “home of the WILBURN BROTHERS.”  

TEDDY and DOYLE paid tribute to their native state in a popular song of the same name and Arkansas was also the home of JOHNNY CASH.

Too young to have direct ties to either the Wilburns or Cash, Denny did claim MARSHALL GRANT, late of Cash’s Tennessee Three and later known as the STATLER BROTHERS’ manager, as both a mentor and manager.    On August 4, 2011, with Grant as his manager, Strickland had an opportunity to play the Johnny Cash Music Festival in Jonesboro (a few hours from Cash's birthplace in Kingsland and only an hour from Johnny's boyhood home in Dyess, the beneficiary of funds raised by the concert which support the cost of the home's restoration and the building of an accompanying museum).    

Following Marshall Grant's death three days later,  Denny found music winning the battle for his time that was once preoccupied by another of Strickland's successful pastimes, winning state and national American Quarter Horse Association championships that resulted in Denny's being crowned the competition's World Champion. 

Strickland retains his world title and involvement with the AQHA, returning to perform his music at Association events, even as Denny's popularity as a touring artist increases as he travels.    He lives life on full throttle and understands its fragility: For in 2012 Strickland was performing his music in Branson, Missouri when, following Denny's show, but before the singer was able to leave the city, he encountered an unexpected delay when he was caught up in a tornado!  Miraculously, Strickland managed to escape, with only minor injury, the dangerous winds that at one point were as strong as 130 miles per hour!

When he is not outrunning tornadoes and entertaining a growing legion of fans, Denny indulges his love for classic cars, including his restored 1968 Chevy Camaro. Hopped-up sets of wheels and racing culture are one of Strickland's favorite topics of conversation, and Strickland had just begun discussing his passion for muscle cars when Martha introduced us to BRAD HARDISTY as Brad pulled up a chair and joined us for dessert.

As all wonderful evenings must, this one came to an end.  But not before, as we left the restaurant for our respective cars,  following Martha and Denny out the door, Brad and I were summoned to our host's vehicle, specifically the trunk of a car containing parting gifts for us.  It seems that Denny's dad owns a lamp shop and Denny wanted us to have the most modern of lamps (complete with a CFL light bulb).

Each of these sturdy, eye-catching corded fixtures is fashioned in the shape of a guitar extending from its base to its socket and aforementioned bulb, crowned with sheet music-themed lamp shade.  Each lamp bears a stamp reminding its owner that is it part of a limited edition, courtesy of the Denny Strickland 2015 Swerve On Radio Tour.   



Are you a 

If so, you might be interested in the persuasive case Report reader and Navy LT. ADAM SINCIL makes for Bocephus' belated induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.   Paraphrasing Sincil's well-reasoned arguments would not do them justice, but fortunately we can follow links to Adam's Roughstock guest editorial and another recent article about the campaign Sincil and his "Navy buddy" MIKE ABERNATHY have launched in support of Rockin' Randall Hank.

The aforementioned pages include room for reader feedback- a brilliant stroke for a grassroots movement!  

Adam and Mike,  thank you for your service!


for the offer of media credentials for coverage of the iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 29, 2015 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.
Alyssa Furnar


Thanks to 
TAYLOR VAUGHN, MARISA BIANCO and SAMARA SHWODICK f or the invitation to join Republic Records during a three-night event at the record company's 2015 SXSW compound.

Each night (March 18- March 20, 2015) "the compound will host musical performances" and  provide "food & drinks from Austin's fines, as well as a 'media room' where press/media can interview/photograph artists onsite."


Column's thanks to to 
DIANE DIEKMAN f or crediting this Report in the March 10, 2015 edition of Diane's Country Music Newsletter.  


"Is MARIE OSMOND in town?"

That was HARRY WAYNE CASEY’s question to anyone and everyone remaining in a spacious BMI 6th floor room following the formal adjournment of a "special awards presentation" there on March 3, 2015.

Casey, better known as KC (get it?), as in the artist fronting the disco hitmakers known as KC and the Sunshine Band, was in Nashville to, as AMANDA FRENCH CLARK's invitation indicated,  accept BMI's  "Million Airplay Award as well as an outstanding 2014 Urban Pop Award, recognizing the revolutionary impact on modern pop music since the 70s."

DAVID PRESTON emceed the presentation, noting that one million airplays of the eight hit songs BMI recognized (with an equal number of certificates Preston presented the singer on behalf of the group) is best visualized by realizing that if these dance songs were played back-to-back, it would take six years before the demonstration reached one million performances.

Casey told the crowd  (that included KIRT WEBSTER, JEREMY WESTBY, BETH GWINN, RAE ANN RUBENSTEIN, JOHN LOMAX III and LIV TAYLOR, among others), that he is no stranger to Nashville, having known David's mother and having recorded Please Don't Go at Sound Stage.  

Casey's new album, a rerecording of '60s hits is actually the first of two releases.  The second, not yet complete, will be all original material.  

As for Osmond, I was across the emptying room, engaged in conversation with another straggler when I heard Casey's query.  Though Harry expressed interest in getting together with the latter-day talk show artist on whose show he has appeared, it was up to me, the only one in the room who knew what he was talking about to deliver the news that he was a day late but need not be dollar short.

For Marie had been in town a day earlier where she surprised the Elliston Place IHOP lunch crowd by making pancakes for them during a personal appearance promoting the participating restaurant's promotion in IHOP chain's 10th annual National Pancake Day (this year falling on March 3, 2015).    

Since the BMI event broke up around noon, as it was Casey had plenty of time to reach the restaurant, about a mile away, to join the rest of the day's diners receiving a complimentary short stack of griddle cakes, in exchange for a donation to Osmond's favorite charity, The Children's Miracle Network.

Hey, it was either answer the question or shake my booty (which is only a year younger than Casey's own) so mine was an obvious choice! 


You're reading it here first: It's official, thanks to a good criminal defense lawyer (this time, ROBERT PEAL), once again  LYNN ANDERSON has gotten a break; that is, if she behaves herself pending a date in Davidson County General Sessions Court on November 5, 2015.

On  February 9, 2015, Davidson County General Sessions Court Judge ANGELITA BLACKSHEAR DALTON
 dismissed an implied consent- misdemeanor charge against Lynn, stemming from Anderson's September 12, 2014 DUI arrest. 

Simultaneously, Lynn pleaded guilty to an amended misdemeanor offense, effectively convicting her of DUI (arising from the same September 12, 2014 arrest).

Anderson received credit for time-served (one hour in jail) and received a suspended sentence of 11 months and 29 days minus all but seven days' incarceration.   Lynn's driver's license has been revoked for one year and, during her supervised probation and she is to perform 23 hours of community service, complete an eight hours of a defensive driving school course and pay court costs of $846 and a $350 fine.

The incidents were not Lynn's first brush with the law.  Lynn was jailed during her second divorce, losing two of her children during the early 1980s in a custody fight (though Lynn did prevail in related matters at the appellate level).
Then, in October, 1988, Lynn was charged with malicious mischief after allegedly breaking into a waitress’ car, taking some of the server’s belongings and threatening her.  LINDA GAIL BOWERS agreed to drop the charges after receiving Lynn's letter of apology; a gesture resulting in the late Davidson County General Sessions Court Judge LEON RUBEN dismissing the case on January 23, 1989.

On December 2, 2004, after Denton, Texas police found Lynn passed out in a car she had parked on the side of a highway (after another driver alerted police that Anderson was weaving in-and-out of traffic) and charged her with drunk driving, Lynn was released on a $1,000 bail, serving no jail time.

Fifty-three days later, in an apparent cry for help, Lynn was charged with stealing a HARRY POTTER DVD from a Taos, New Mexico convenience store and felony battery on a policy officer Anderson allegedly struck on the arm as Lynn was being led to a patrol car. After resisting arrest and striking the officer, Lynn struck an agreement with the Taos DA’s office. The shoplifting charge was dismissed in exchange for Anderson agreeing to refrain from committing further offenses unbefitting what Lynn’s attorney described as a “loved and respected member of the Taos community."


Column’s thanks to JOANNA CICHOCKI for offering press credentials to cover the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards.  The ACMs will be held Sunday, April 19, 2015 at the AT & T Stadium in Arlington, Texas and televised (throughout the United States) by CBS-TV affiliates at 7 p.m. Central Time.2


Thanks to to MELISSA MATHEWS for the invitation to join other media types, as well as JOE STAMPLEY,  BECKY HOBBS,  T. GRAHAM BROWN, GENE WATSON, JOHNNY LEE, JEANNIE SEELY, DAVID FRIZZELL, RHONDA VINCENT, DALLAS FRAZIER, LEONA WILLIAMS, MARK WILLS, JETT WILLIAMS, JOHN CONLEE, LANE BRODY, EDDY RAVEN, and the proverbial many others, at the Nashville Palace on March 18, 2015.

The occasion?  MOE BANDY is hosting an all-star tribute to WHITEY SHAFER.  Shafer is battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Best of all, if you’re not being comped, you can purchase a ($20) ticket here or at the door. 

Doors open at 5 p.m.  Show time is 6 p.m.



From the emailbag:  MEIJIN BRUTTOMESSO writes: “Hi, STACY.  Hope you’re doing great!

“I wanted to invite you to rock with Austin-based/Paris-born eclectic blues rock band HOOKA HEY.  They are embarking on a February tour to support their new EP, Untamed… and performing at Turn One Bar on February 21 in Nashville.

“Hooka Hey is taking the cross-continental rock scene by storm and showcasing ‘a reverence for the kind of serious rockin’ out that leaves you sweaty, grimy and wanting more.’ (KUTX),

”Can you attend the show…?”

In its album review, New Noise Magazine raves about a particular track, noting Nasty “is soaked in blues and mysterious seduction that’s brought to life in the new visuals.”

Not to be outdone, Sonic Abuse UK adds, "If you're a fan of unconventional blazing rock 'n' roll with balls and attitude by the skip-full, then you owe it to yourself to check this out."


Mark your calendars!  The long-anticipated GEORGE JONES Museum is set to open the weekend of April 24, 2015.

Jones' widow, NANCY was on hand January 12, 2015 at Nashville's Riverfront RTA/MTA station, unveiling plans and drawings for the museum, following JEREMY WESTBY's media invitation affording a sneak-peak at Nancy's plans for the legacy destination.

As if on cue, the rain stopped as Nancy spoke of what fans will see at 128 and 130 Second Avenue North (formerly the site of Graham Central Station), the downtown destination of a 44,000 building containing not only the Jones museum, but a gift shop, fourth floor (rooftop) bar, event space and live music venue. 

The museum's opening coincides with the launch of White Lightning Moonshine.  (Fans will note that this is the second licensing of Jones' name with a brand paying homage to George's 1959 signature song.  Anyone remember the introduction, to similar fanfare, of George Jones' White Lightning Tennessee Spring Water?) 

Nancy tells me that the price of admission to the museum has yet to be announced.  

She adds that a George Jone biopic is in the work with the lead actor to be announced.



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