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How often are your local drug dealers the sons of Music Row royalty?

SIDNEY SINGLETON, SHELBY SINGLETON's 64-year-old son, and DONALD PRESTON, FRANCES PRESTON's 63-year-old son, are scheduled for trial before Davidson County General Sessions Court Judge GALE ROBINSON August 12, 2019.

On May 7, 2019 Singleton and Preston were arrested and charged with selling pot, marijuana extract and liquid THC vials from a parked car in a a grocery store parking lot, after making arrangements for the sales on a website whose visitors included an undercover officer.

The ill-fated deal went down at Osborne's Bi-Rite, at 3116 Belmont Boulevard, less than 1,000 feet from Christ the King School (at 3105 Belmont Boulevard) where Preston and Singleton offered to sell an ounce of marijuana to an undercover detective for $300.

According to the arrest report, after Donald Preston exited the passenger side of the red Chevy Volt and got into the police vehicle to complete the transaction, the "deal" was considered sealed and both Donald and Sidney were taken into custody.  A further "Carroll search" (so named following a Supreme Court ruling establishing that probable cause is sufficient- i.e. it is not necessary for police to first obtain a warrant- to justify the search of a lawfully stopped vehicle and its contents) revealed another 353 grams of pot, 2 cards of marijuana extract and 19 vials of THC liquid.  Total weight: 2 grams.

Singleton and Preston were each charged with selling drugs in a drug-free school zones, which is a felony.  Each posted a $10,000 bond.

Following a June 14, 2019 settlement hearing, the case was set for trial in August.


CONNER McKIEVER is alerting media that Austin-based, southern rock group COPPER CHIEF "will be performing at the High Watt" July 10, 2019 "and you're invited to a special meet & greet prior to the performance."


"Hi, STACY,  you're invited!"

So read an invitation from JEREMY WESTBY and JASON ASHCRAFT's invitation to J.D. SHELBURNE  July 2, 2019 "full band and industry showcase at Ole Red Nashville."

J.D. performed his past releases, some covers, and songs from his current album, Two Lane Town, including She Keeps Me Up Nights during an extended first set of the four-hour event.


Anyone who's read my review of JOHNNY LEE's most recent book knows I'm a big fan of Lee's (and my fellow) ghostwriter, SCOT ENGLAND's writing.

Scot was kind enough to send me two of his earlier books, as well as his newest collaboration, recently.  As I look forward to reading another of those books, (RONNIE MCDOWELL: Bringing It To You Personally)  I've just completed reading Lucky Me (MOE BANDY: The Autobiography) and  The Man in Back (JIMMY CAPPS: The Autobiography ).

The Moe Bandy book, notable from its first pages that include a foreword by late Bandy buddy BARBARA BUSH, inspires with its acknowledgment that Moe's career took off just as he was quitting music out of frustration.  Readers learn that Moe has a niece with Down's Syndrome.  

Bandy's ANSLEY FLEETWOOD story is not to be missed.  Same can be said of why, when BOY GEORGE sued Moe and JOE STAMPLEY, only Stampley (who refers to the British singer as "that little pecker head") had to pay.

More?  How about the time Moe says he beat up ANITA BRYANT's second husband, CHARLIE HOBSON DRY at Dry's invitation?

My book reviews are limited to current books, hence the abbreviated references to England's collaboration with Moe Bandy and a few of the highlights from England's Jimmy Capps book that follow.

Significantly, in addition to being a world-renown acoustic (and electric) guitarist and session player, cemented his future as a Grand Ole Opry staff band member after first appearing on the Opry at age 19!

Anyone who has ever spent any time at corporate Christmas parties (as they were then called) in general, and  around Nashville's WLAC-TV (now WTVF) in particular, will get a laugh out of Capps' chocolate coat story.

Trivia buffs will also learn that Jimmy's son, MARK is the stepfather of ROY ACUFF's great-granddaughter and that Jimmy turned down opportunities to become one of ERNEST TUBB's Texas Troubadours and PORTER WAGONER's Wagonmasters.

Look for my review of Scot's newly-published hardcover, This Is My Story; This Is My Song: LULU ROMAN, The Autobiography here soon.



BENJI MICHAELS is first with the news of "a radical new hybrid approach to collectively experiencing live music and social action.  

"EMERGE aims to reignite the role of popular music as a central driver of social change by showcasing headliners around women's and minority equality, LGBT rights, immigration, gender identity, and the political issues that define our generation."

The two-day event (May 31- June 1, 2019 at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel) features a great lineup of speakers and musicians.

For the complete list, showcases schedule and information on  how you can get involved, click here.


BEV MOSER's invitation to attend ERICA STONE's May 20, 2019 showcase at Nashville's Analog at Hutton Hotel was not just an album release

True, Erica performed songs from Antidote, but publicizing her new music was not Stone’s only mission. Those on hand for the “private music industry event” were also treated to Erica’s “sharing stories” from “her new best selling book, and the film that’s made about her work in Sierra Leone on behalf of orphans and children” (sic)… Her #1 bestseller Gray will also be available on site.”   (Look for my review of Gray here!)


MARTHA MOORE and event emcee DAVID PRESTON pulled out all of the stops at MARTY BROWN's
May 16, 2019 CD American Highway release party at BMI.

David presented Marty with BMI's Million-Air award, which, in Brown's case, could be renamed the Multi-Million-Air award, since "as is" it commemorates the first mil of over five million radio spins of TRACY BYRD's hit (which Byrd co-wrote with Brown), I'm From the Country.   

After the presentation, which found Marty teasing David about Preston's "killer hair," though we had just been introduced, Marty beckoned a photographer, insisting on a photo with me.  I hope my reputation precedes me, but my guess is Marty was more impressed by my observation that I was probably the only person in the room who first became aware of him while watching his March 13, 1991 appearance on CBS' 48 Hours (before the network dumped the series' news magazine format, rebranding it as a "true crime" franchise).

I  also schmoozed with Marty, his mom, BARBARASHANNON POLLARD, BOB PAXMAN,  JON TIVEN and SALLY TIVEN.  (The Tivens are about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary!)

MARTY BROWN, JR., also on hand, was given a performance spot as his dad (and cowriter) took a brief break from performing a few of the songs on his new album on the makeshift BMI stage.



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