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"Hi, Stacy-  I remember you well, but don't know if you remember me... I was Nashville Editor at Cashbox and met you through Bill Littleton.  You and I talked a few times, and I often saw you at events.... I see from your web site that you have done extremely well and have been, and continue to be, involved in an unbelievable number of important things.  You always had a kind of mysterious 'aura' to me-- now I see you are in Mensa!  Maybe you were constantly thinking--collecting data and pondering it all!  You know, the more I've moved around, the more I've appreciated those who chose not to... and what touchstones and resources you few are for holding the true meaning of an era together and insisting on its truth.  I loved reading your critique of Ken Burns' recent series on country music.  Very few journalists could have done that.  Well, thanks for letting me share some 'Music Row memories.'... I know you'll keep on with all the good you are doing."
--LOLA SCOBEY, Certified Sustainability Advisor and Coach; author of Willie Nelson: Country Outlaw,  Dolly: Daughter of the South and co-author (with James Fennell) of Build Ivywild: How Awakening an Old School is Sustaining Our World, West Palm Beach, Florida

"Hi, Stacy- I check your site often to find out what's really happening in Nashville.  Keep up the great work, and thanks for the link.  To echo Socrates and paraphrase Justice Louis D. Brandeis: Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Best regards, Dean."


"Thank you to Stacy's Music Row Report for the nice review...
-JIM ED BROWN, Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Grand Ole Opry star, Franklin, Tennessee

"Stacy, Just a note to say your site is great, and 'thanks' for mentioning my new grandson in your recent column. My name is Cece DuBois. I've been the President of AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) - here in Nashville (down at 1108 17th Avenue South) - since 1993. I love my job because I get to fight for the folks off of whose backs every dime in this Industry is made. Just wanted you to know that precious little Aidan (and his beautiful big sister, Gabby) has a grandmother, too! Thanks again,"
-CECE DUBOIS, President, AFTRA Nashville

"Interesting stuff.   Glad you're putting your views on the web." 
-JOHN LOMAX, III, SFL Records chief, author, manager for Kimber Clayton and Dead Ringer Band, Nashville, Tennessee

"Congratulations on your success and tellin' it like it is in this time of fear on Music Row America. Keep on rockin', 'Beckaroo,' Becky Hobbs."
-BECKY HOBBS, Nashville, Tennessee

"Stacy, when I want to know the latest in the Country Music business, I go to your Web site. You always have a finger on what is happening and do it in a positive way! Keep up the good work! I just bought me a laptop computer, only problem is .....I ain't got a lap!!"
-T. BUBBA BECHTOL, MCA Records, Nashville

"Stacy. Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your straightforward reporting."
-JOHNNY COUNTERFIT, "The Singing Impressionist"

"Hi Stacy, Tom Mabe here. I read your report on a regular basis and really love it!."
-TOM MABE, Virgin Records, Nashville

"Stacy, Dunno why it's taken me so long to find your website (maybe it's because I don't spend much time browsing -- too many other things to do.) In any event, your account of the CMF's tax reports is fantastic. It boggles my mind to think of the time you spent on that. Great stuff; keep at it... Thanks for your good work, and best regards."
-NOLAN PORTERFIELD, author of *Jimmie Rodgers: The Life and Times of America’s Blue Yodeler,* *Last Cavalier: The Life and Times of John A. Lomax* and host of "Old Scratchy Records" on WKYU, WDCL, WKPB and WKUE.

"I just stopped by and read your site. It's great to see something besides mudslinging when it comes to people involved in country music. It was very informative, I actually read the whole thing. Thanks again for doing what you do."
-DOC HOLLIDAY, artist/producer Mega International Records

"I just wanted to tell you how much I've been enjoying reading your Music Row Report since you turned me on to it at our Leadership Bluegrass class! You do a great job! I'm learning things from your column that I don't see anywhere else. Take care and hope to see you again soon. Your friend, Traci Todd."
-TRACI TODD, CMT, Nashville, Tennessee


"Stacy, thank you so much for the kind words and support...I always look forward to reading what you have to say."
-SHANNON MCCOMBS, emcee, CMT's "Grand Ole Opry Live," Nashville, Tennessee

"Stacy, a little belated here, but thanks for the best wishes last month after my ‘near-capsize’ on a cruise ship. The Coast Guard is still investigating the cause, but there's a LOT of information that never made it to the press. And I do mean A LOT! Anyway, since we haven't seen each other in awhile I just wanted to let you know that I AM alive and well....still doing the nationally syndicated 'Racing Country USA' radio show (goes out to 8 million weekly...been at it for 9 years now!) and I'm STILL doing car dealership commercials (over 4,000 now in 15 years)...I've been offered some incredible jobs since the Gaylord fiasco, but I'm very happy with where my life is now. There's a reason for things to happen the way they do, y'know. Stacy, I've been a country disc jockey for 27 years now and I've known you for 17 of those.....you've come a long way, too. I've been reading your column online for quite a while and I'm always impressed at your tenacity and candor. That's hard to find in Nashville these days...but I love it...keep it up... I admire you and I'll keep reading if you'll keep writing!"
-CATHY MARTINDALE, "Racing Country USA," Nashville, Tennessee

"Stacy, just wanted to congratulate you on your knowledge of what the hell is really going on! Go, Baby!! This is my first visit, but it won't be my last... Call me if you ever want to talk. My home number is ...Peace and love and best in your fight against the narrow mind. May there always be meal in your meal barrow."
-T. GRAHAM BROWN, Intersound Records, Nashville

"Hey Stacy, this is Rich, the guitarist for Perfect Stranger-and also an avid reader of your column... I really enjoy your column. You tell it like it is-no sugar. Perfect Stranger has a new deal with Curb records,a new album in stores since June 26th and a new single at radio right now-wish us luck out there. We still live in East Texas where we're all from, but we will be playing at Tootsies' this Tuesday nite for the live on WSM show-come see us. Thanks for your time, Rich."
-RICHARD RAINES, lead guitar, Perfect Stranger, Carthage, Texas

"HELLO to the SMARTEST woman in Nashville. from myself and my manager MERLE KILGORE. Stacy, I sort of stumbled across your Web site, but I have to say...I LOVE IT! Like Me, and my DAD [Faron Young], you say what is on your mind. MORE POWER TO YOU!!!!....Maybe sometime in the near future I will write you about my struggle to get DAD his rightful place in the Hall of Fame......that also is a BIG can of worms................Keep on Keeping it Country."
-ROBYN YOUNG, Nashville, Tennessee

"Your site is a huge source for peoples to learn about the Music Row life, and the private life of the artists is always reviewed with respect, there are many news which are of some interests for me. My name is Jean Agostini, the editor & publisher of Highway FM Mag', the only monthly New Country magazine in France, 24 pages, A4 size and color cover. If you have a little interest in regards of what's happening in France, feel free to ask me, dear Stacy. Highway FM Mag' writes from Garth Brooks to the Jayhawks and Sheryl Crow."
-JEAN AGOSTINI, Editor and publisher, Highway FM Mag, Paris, France

"Hi Stacy. Wow, great info on your site. Cheers, Robyn."
-ROBYN SMARTT, President, Jamie O'Neal Australian Fan Club

"A fan club member directed me to your site...You can bet I have your site bookmarked for future reference!"
-KAY JOHNSON, President, Toby Keith Fan Club, Rockford, Illinois

"I've never seen anyone cover The Row with such wit, attitude and personality. Congratulations on a job well done."
-LONNIE JOE HOWELL, Nashville session player and video producer

"Great column, I enjoy reading you."
-R. BRYAN HENGEVELD, Miracle Management Company, Nashville, Tennessee

"Stacy, I host a country radio show here in South Africa and I have found your column to be most useful in keeping fans of country music up to date. I am based in Johannesburg... My show is called 'Pure Country' and airs on a Sundays between 18h00 and 20h00. To the best of my knowledge it is the only country show in South Africa that features in the CMA's book of radio programs, as I am a member."
 -DAVID BATZOFIN, Pure Country 98.7 FM, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Of course I do remember you. You made quite an impression. You are one of the very few that I can remember the name... maybe because you were always talking to me instead of seeing a competitor in me... I still have my regular monthly news-column (between 3-8 pages) in the oldest and biggest country music magazine in Switzerland - the Newsletter of the Country Music Club of Switzerland...Then I have my column of 1-2 pages in the Newsletter of Radio Eviva and my own weekly radio show with news & gossip from the country music scene on Radio Eviva. This is transmitted throughout Europe on Astra Satellite and by satellite and cable in Switzerland. My Show is every Friday from 0900-1000 am with a rerun from 8 - 9 p.m....I just found your page and will visit regularly from now on."
-IRENE SCHMIDT, Lucerne, Switzerland

"I love your column! [It is] the best way on the Net to really find out what's going on...I have recently renovated my home pages and revamped my links page. Just wanted to let you know that, in a very heavy cull out of sites, I just had to keep you included. I am beginning the tour soon and dunno how much time I'll have so I picked what I believe to be the very best places to link to. Of course you are there. Thanks for all hard work on the reports they are awesome."
 -CLARK REID, Christchurch, New Zealand

"I am a columnist and a DJ from Milano. Me and a friend of mine have been working hard for the past 5 years to try to spread the word on country music in Italy too... I just discovered your site. Let me tell you that it is very interesting and filled with useful info! Congratulations!"
-MATTEO COZZANI, Country Music Promotion, Milano, Italy

"Your comments are quite enlightening. As a Jewish country music radio personality, I've been curious about the participation of my co-religionist, especially in the performing and songwriting areas. Are there any resources that could give me more information other than the suppressed article you mentioned?... Could I have your permission to use information or stories from your site on my show, giving you credit for them, of course?"
-BRUCE EFRON, 61 Country, Kansas City, Kansas

"Beautiful Web site! I've added a link to it already!"
-KATIE PRUETT, Young Country KYNG Radio, Dallas/Fort Worth

"I use a lot of your "bits" on the air. I have gotten a good response. Keep up the good work and thanks again!"
-KEVIN JAMES, Coastal Country KZ105, Victoria, Texas

"Your "call it as you see it" approach is refreshingly honest and you are hard-wired into Nashville. Your updates are a must for my daily show prep. You go girl!"
-ELAINE EVERETT, KOLZ-FM, Cheyenne, Wyoming

"Awesome page! Out of sight! Stacy, you're an angel. I love your page and after searching high and low...your home is the spot. The CD list is very helpful in getting the info to my listeners in Iowa. Your page is a must for radio."
-BRIAN, THE WILD TEXAN, 98.5, KKCV-FM, The Hog," Waterloo, Iowa

KICX 104 FM: "Indispensable!"
-A.J. JUNOP, Central Ontario's Only Hot New Country, KICX 104 FM, Midland, Ontario Canada

"It's great!!!... Now that I've found 'Stacy's Music Row Report' I will include it in my daily check of entertainment web sites for use on News/Talk 820."
-NANCY JAY, WBAP Radio Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

WJCL Radio:
"Hey, Stacy. How refreshing it is to read your stuff!"
-JAY MORGAN. Music Director, WJCL Savannah, Georgia

"Thanks so much for the Row Report. It's beautiful, up-to-date and "da best" source that I know of. I've used it on the air. I've impressed family members and well, if I had a significant other, well, she would be tired of hearing about it. But, to make a long e-mail short, "Da Best."
-ANTHONY ROMEO, 97.5 WQBE-FM, Charleston, West Virginia

KIX 97.9 FM:
"SPRINGFIELD'S COUNTRY": "That is quite a Web site that you have. I have linked it to my own personal site... The information on your site [is] very valuable when I'm on-the-air Sunday mornings."
-STEVE MICHAELS, 97.9 WKPX-FM, Springfield, Massachusetts

"Great site! Keep up the good work... Thanks for all of the great info!"
-MIKE HAYS, Music Director, WJMA Radio, Orange, Virginia

"Hi there. I've been reading your reports for some time now and find them very interesting...I present a weekly country music show on our local commercial station, Radio Clyde... I'll keep reading the latest in your reports with a lot of interest,"
-BILL BLACK, Radio Clyde, Paisley, Scotland

"Only recently discovered your Music Row report, thanks to a friend. Really enjoy reading it. I assume I can use portions, on-the-air, as long as I credit you as the source?...I've had several calls from listeners, wanting your Web address."

WPAW Radio:
"I enjoy reading your page very much."
-HEATH SCHOENFELD, Program Director, WPAW Radio, Vero Beach, Florida

WHSL "Whistle 100":
"Hey Stacy...I have you bookmarked with an exclamation point, due to the fact that I get more in-depth industry news from you than I do from the Internet newspapers... can rely on your coverage of music industry news without all the fluff."
-JOE DON BAKER, Announcer, WHSL Radio, Burlington, North Carolina

"Stacy... Longtime follower of your column and a longtime media grunt, myself. 20-odd years in radio. I now work for Young Country, WYCD, a CBS-owned FM at 99.5 in Detroit. I do the morning show, as well as "Stars of Country" on Westwood One. Keep up the good work!"
-DR. DON CARPENTER, WYCD-FM, 99.5 Detroit, Michigan

WCTH-FM, Thunder Country-100.3:
"I enjoyed your recent expose of the CMA and their duplicitous and deceptive nature... If you are ever in the Miami area, I would like to have you on the air... Stacy has spent many years in Nashville. She knows the music industry as well as anybody and ISN'T afraid to tell you about it. Her recent expose on the Country Music Association and their duplicitous nature is a must-read. Check this link often, Stacy is always working and constantly posting new scoops."
-BILL LISTER, Morning Thunder Host, Thunder Country-100.3, Plantation Key, Florida

KXRB Radio:
"Hello, Stacy. I am Perry Steilow, from radio station KXRB, a 10,000 watt classic country station in Sioux Falls, SD. We cover most of South Dakota, and parts of MN, IA, NE. and ND. The CMA awards were/are a travesty. Our audio is available on the web at www.KXRB.Com. I wonder if you would be interested in chatting about Nashville on a radio show live with our PD --Joe Morrison-- A certified doctorate in country history if 35 years could do less than transform one. Joe has interviewed and featured everyone who is anyone in the business for all that itme. He is the most knowledgeable human I have ever known about the history and business of this industry. We would love to have you get on with him and "let it out". He counts very many of his interviewees as personal friends. You could ask T Graham Brown, Jeannie Seely, or Bill Anderson about Joe Morrison from South Dakota. With much admiration and respect--Perry."
-PERRY STEILOW, KXRB, Souix Falls, South Dakota

"Hello, Stacy. I'm a die-hard, hard-country fan, have been for years and have been lucky enough to play in a country band, and own three radio stations...one of which is, of course, country...I enjoy your column."
-DICK STORM, WCCY/WHKB/WOLV Radio, Houghton, Michigan

"Hi Stacy. I program an FM radio station near Knoxville, and enjoy reading your column very much. It's refreshing to read about this crazy industry from a lady who isn't afraid to pull any punches...i.e. the 'Gaylord Gang.' They are a weird bunch of corporate 'suits' for sure... Keep up the great work!"
-ROGER MOORE, Program Director, WJDT-FM, Morristown, Tennessee

KCKL Radio:
"Thanks for keeping the truth out there. You are the keeper of the flame. Don't let it go out. The suits are killing country music and music in general. Thanks for standing up and saying it out loud."
-RONN RICKS, KCKL Radio, Malakoff, Texas

KATI/KAT Country 94.3 Radio:
"Love Your column!!!! Read it daily!!"
-JAY RUNYON, Program Director, KATI, KAT Country 94.3, Jefferson City, Missouri

XHCR Hot Country 99.3 FM:
"Stacy, I read your column faithfully""
-ADAM JEFFRIES, Promotion Director, XHCR Hot Country 99.3 FM, San Diego, California

980 CKRM:
"Hi Stacy, my name is Jamie Lewis from 980 CKRM Radio in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada,where my partner and I have the #1 Country radio show in the province...I enjoy your articles. Keep up the great work. Thank you."
-JAMIE LEWIS, 980 CKRM Radio, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

"I enjoy your site...checking it every day. Keep up the good work!"
-STEVE TANKO, Continuity Director, WEBC, KKCB, KLDJ, KUSZ Radio, Duluth, Minnesota

WCTH-FM, Thunder Country 100.3:
"Well hello there, Stacy! I finally found a lady I always enjoyed in my years with WSM, especially backstage and at parties. After they cut back in '83...I went to KVOO Tulsa, then KFDI Wichita, and worked with the wonderful MIKE OATMAN, the best earth. When he retired and sold the . When he retired and sold the company, we got some decent dollars in stock and now I'm in the Florida Keys as a PD again, doing real radio the way I want to do it. I even have a three-hour daily classic county music show! I still encourage the older artist to send me their music... Nice to find your site, will sign up, pronto! Regards, an old friend..."
-DAVE DONAHUE, Program Director, WCTH-FM, Thunder Country 100.3, Tavernier, Florida

WYRE 810 AM:
"Stacy, hello. We've never met, but I have been a reader of your work for several years, having come across your site when looking for ways to keep current with the Nashville scene after having moved to the Annapolis/Baltimore area five years ago. I lived in the Nashville area from 1978 until 1996 and was immersed in the biz, writing for, among others, Merit Music (the "glory days" of Dave Burgess as publisher), Bulls Creek Music (Fred Foster's daughter Micki ran the show in those days) and EMI, with songs cut by Mel Tillis, Conway, Lisa Brokop et al...I moved to the Chesapeake Bay area in '97 and am currently the host of a three hour daily classic music program, THE BOOMER SHOW..,broadcast on WYRE 810 AM in Annapolis, Monday through Friday at 4PM eastern and simulcast on the web at www.wyreradio.com. I feature great music, interviews and background from ALL formats... I wanted to take this opportunity to alert you and your readers to the fact that there are radio people out here who know more than the top ten of ANY format and are spotlighting great music wherever it appears. If I can be of help to you along the way, please feel free to contact me. In the meantime, keep up the good work and I look forward to continuing to enjoy your presentation.
-SCOTT EDWARD PHELPS, host, "The Boomer Show," WYRE 810 AM, Annapolis, Maryland

KLOH Radio:
"Hi, Stacy. Just discovered your site. Like what I've read so far."
-MYLAN RAY, KLOH Radio, Pipestone, Minnesota

"Very useful information. Gotcha bookmarked so I can tune in every once in a while to catch up on the latest dish."
-DEAN KAY, songwriter ("That's Life"), Burbank, California

"Interesting page you have there, Stacy...Keep up the good work and as Roger Miller used to say, 'Work if you get right.'"
-KEN SPOONER, songwriter, ("If the Devil Danced In Empty Pockets"), Nashville, Tennessee

"Keep up the good reporting, I love to read what the real scoop is...If the fans really knew all...this industry would be in real trouble!"
-JEFF PRINCE, songwriter, ("The Lie"), Nashville, Tennessee

"As an aspiring country artist, I love your page!!! I like to keep up with what's happening in Nashville and rather than run my telephone bill up to talk with my buddy in Nashville, I just look on the web!!!! Thank you for this great service...."
-CHRIS DOUGLAS, Endicott, New York

"I'm a professional musician [been playing 30 years, mainly drums]... I just recently came across your column on the Internet and I LOVED IT! It is entertaining, informative and intelligently written; a straight-forward, no b.s. viewpoint, coming from Nashville. What a concept!"
-DIG EAST, Akron, Ohio

"I can see why you are so popular... Thanks again, for all the info on your web site. I'll watch every day."
-M.J. O'CONNELL, recording artist, Salt Lake City, Utah

"You have a very interesting site! I have read your site a couple of times... Right on! I am glad you're outspoken."
-FRANK DELL, President, Country Legends Association

"I am a published songwriter in Provo, Utah and read your web page regularly... Keep up the good work. Many of my contacts in Nashville have wondered how I can keep so current on events in the business from way out here in Utah. I just smile and say, 'Oh, I try to do my homework!' A good part of that homework is reading your page daily."

"I am Kim Anthony's publicist and my husband plays lead guitar for Kim... Loved your site! Glad to see you're not afraid to speak out on issues in Nashville!"
-SHAY GOSNELL, Tabletop Productions, Brevard, North Carolina

DAWNA BRADFORD: "This is terrific site! Love the "nitty-gritty..."
-DAWNA BRADFORD, recording artist, Nashville, Tennessee

"A friend referred me to your Web site...Thank you for taking the time to keep everyone up to date on Country Music, and their favorite artists...Checking your page from time, and you always seem to have all the scoop that people are looking for."
-SHARON LEE COLLINS, President, The New Johnny Rodriguez Fan Club, Lexington, South Carolina

"I read your report every week!"
-CHRISTI RAY, Press Secretary to Nashville Fifth District Congressman Bob Clement

"We just want to say a big Thank You and hope you continue... If we can be of any assistance please contact us at ....Thank you for your assistance in helping RAZZY fans. Kind regards, Faye Bright-Bailey."
-FAYE BRIGHT-BAILEY, Manager, Razzy Bailey, Nashville

"While cutting through all the bull****, [STACY'S MUSIC ROW REPORT has] become a favourite stop of mine on the Web... Keep entertaining us."
-TONY MARRAMA, Beaver Records, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

"Love to read your column."
-MARY CHRISTOPHER, VP Sales and Marketing, J & H Promotions, Hendesonville, Tennessee

"Was sent this site today for the first time - really was interesting reading, seems you believe in telling it like it is... I am a rep for Tammy's fan club [representing member from]the following states: Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi...Keep up the good reporting. Glad somone sent [STACY'S MUSIC ROW REPORT] to me."
-ANN ALLEN, Tammy Wynette Fan Club, Nashville, Tennessee

"Stacy, I love your column."
-ERIC MANNINO, Manager, 8Dakota Myles Management, Tanglewood Hills, New York

"Just paid a visit to your News..... Interesting Stuff....Very Interesting.... I thought I'd just Book mark it.... You want to read the latest Scoop from Twang Town USA?... Try this one.....Stacy used to be the Chief Writer at Music City News....Writes some pretty interesting stuff.... Read & enjoy.....And Stacy...don't forget to give Ole Ed Benson a Hug next time you see him...{smile} He needs help....????!!!!!###@@@%%%%****!!!!"
-DICK SHUEY, The Dick Shuey Agency, Nashville, Tennessee

"Dear Stacy, Thank-you for a superb Newsletter!! They are popping up like Independent labels lately, and yours is certainly heads and shoulders above any that I've seen to date...and I've seen just about all of them. Good Luck and keep going! By the way, perhaps Ed Benson's Keynote Address should be re-titled, 'The State of Confusion!'
-PAUL EVANS PEDERSEN, CEO, Studio Park Records, Inc., Clementon, New Jersey,

"CMA is out of control. Can it be fixed or do we need to doze it and start over? I just sent in my money for CMA, now I am not sure if it was a good idea. Love your info... I love the CMA, I just want it to do what it is supposed to do. I would like to see less strong arming in the business. More talent instead of money deciding careers. I guess I'm a dreamer..."
-JIMMY WILLIAMS, Music Creations Unlimited, Pekin, Indiana

"Please e-mail me the info on getting a copy of your article in *Southern Jewish History.*... I hated it when Jewish performers downplayed, hid, or mocked their religion. As a Jewish individual involved in the music business, I have been subjected to anti-Semitism even by my 'friends' in Nashville. Then again, being a Jew in the Bronx, New York has not been easy either."
-DAVE BRODSKY, DaSBro Enterprise, New York City and Toronto

"Stacy, Wow!! How impressed am I? Very. Finally someone who SEEKS the truth and SPEAKS the truth. This was my first time to read you but it certainly won't be my last."
-PATRICIA A. SMITH, Target Top Ten Publishing, Sweet Water, Alabama

"[STACY'S MUSIC ROW REPORT) is not for the naive or weak-minded. You will love it."
-LINKRADIO.COM, Carolina AudioVisual, Raleigh, North Carolina

"Hello Stacy! I wish someone would've told me about your site 8 months ago when I started as Convention Coordinator at the Christian Country Music Association and knew so little about the goings-on of this business... I feel very educated today after reading your report. I still like Bill Miller's Blue Chip Report, but I've certainly added you to my "favorites" list.... I'd be happy to send you the Power Source Magazine if you'd like to forward a mailing address to me. We may be asking for permission to reprint from your Report in the future... Thanks for all the great information! Very useful and very entertaining. Best regards."
-VIJOYA CHAPPELEAR, Associate Director/Convention Coordinator, CCMA, Nashville, Tennessee

"I just wanted to let you know that I love your site. Being a country recording artist based in Dallas/Ft.Worth, and having a "real" job as an advertising executive in the Dallas media, I can appreciate your candor and wit! The inside scoop of information you gather and provide helps those of us who aren't able to re-locate to Nashville. Your site is very helpful in helping me strategize my budding recording career by helping me keep up to date on Music Row executive changes, and other music business updates, which is great for those of us outside the music row fishbowl. Between my producer Dick McVey, and you, I feel like I live there and know it all, even before some of the music executives I know get the scoop! As former Texas Gov. Ann Richards once said, "It may be the rooster that crows, but it's the hen that delivers the goods" Thanks for delivering fresh news!"
-KEVIN JAMES, Dallas, Texas

"Hi, Stacy. I wanted to send you a quick email and let you know that I truly enjoy your report and check your site often! Thanks for all the real news behind the scenes!"
-KATIE KEY, Shane Media, Houston, Texas

"WOW! I just found your site and I was rolling on the floor laughing! I love the way you tell it like it is!"
-VALERIE DELACRUZ, Relentless Nashville Records artist, Albany, New York

"You've got a great (and effective) Web site!"
-MARK RENZ, author, "The Pope Said No," Fort Myers, Florida

"It's great to know you're reading our magazine. We appreciate the reviews of the articles and your comments... Keep up the great work. You keep things interesting."
-DAN JANUTOLO, The Christian Country Music Association, Nashville

"I enjoyed your Nashville music report."
-JENNIFER GUNDERSON, Los Angeles, California

"[Stacy's Music Row Report provides] great information by Stacy Harris, an international music historian."
-Richard Schumann, www.richarsc/musikk.htm

"Just read your column for the first time and it made my day! Thanks for speaking the truth. I loved it."
-PATTI DONAHOE FADDEN, Applause!, Nashville, Tennessee

"I absolutely love your incredible site."
-MYRA PEARCE, Alymar Records recording artist, Billings, Montana

"Dear Stacy, I have been looking for a place to get real Nashvegas news and I just discovered your site. I love your open and honest approach. I am a 35 year veteran of the country music business and my family in N.C. has been playing for 100 years! My mother, Kate Mangum was Randy Travis' guitar teacher."
-LARRY MANGUM, Jacksonville, Florida

"Stacy...I'm entranced by your reporting. I also ask too many questions and say what everybody's really thinking - and prefer to talk about what most people think you're not supposed to talk about. The absolute Truth is ALL we can count on, right? And I'm not afraid of controversy - anyone who is ain't honest, right? And what a blessin' it is, t' be honest. It's so inwardly peaceful- although outwardly rocky. Spent ten years in Nashville... Love your stuff! Keep up th' good work!"
-BOOGIE BUCK FELL (and his Jumpin' Piana), Chattanooga, Tennessee

"Stacy, Your column is fabulous. How great to have someone who tells it like it is. I've been there and done that Nashville county music journalist thang, and you've got it right for what it is. It was great seeing you again at the Americana conference. I've always appreciated you support of our "Freedom Speaks" TV show. No other journalist in Nashville bothered!"
-ROSE CLAYTON PHILLIPS, Memphis, Tennessee

"Hello! I've been reading, and enjoying, your report for a while now. I think you do a tremendous job of cutting through the bull and getting the straight info into the public record. I wanted to let you know that my partner and I have opened a new show at the Stardust Theatre on Music Valley Drive and we'd love to have you come out and see it. We're anxious to remain in Nashville and become a regular part of the list of "must see" attractions in town. The show is called 'Elvis and Roy: The Lost Concert.' It dramatizes what might have happened if Elvis and Roy Orbison had worked together. Fans of both are calling it a great show and a fun concept. Members of Roy's old band have enjoyed it and our musicians include David Fontana, son of Elvis' drummer DJ Fontana!"
-BRIAN MCCULLOUGH, Stardust Theatre, Nashville, Tennessee

"As an ex-news reporter (Calif radio station), on-air personality (country radio station Calif) and former accountant, production company assistant, recording studio manager in Nashville, I found your web site very informative...keep up the good work and happy holidays to you...anytime you want to talk , as Frasier would say (I'm listening).!"
-GERI BROOKS, Desert Hot Springs, California

"I found your site today. Why didn't I know about it before? Anyway, I love it, and have given you a spot on our links page if that is OK... Yes, Stacy knows what's going on and does not mind telling you. Plus, she is a graduate of the IBMA's inaugural Leadership Bluegrass class. She has done a lot of other stuff too, but we think that is the coolest."
-K.C. CHARNES, General Manager, American Country Traditions Network, Weidman, Michigan

"My name is Pat Teachey. I am the webmaster of a little website entitled Hot A' Mighty Another Jerry Reed Website! I check your website often for updates and love reading it. Thanks so much for what you do. As a long time country music lover and lover of traditional country music I appreciate and enjoy your work very much."
-PATRICIA TEACHEY, Webmaster, Hot A'Mighty Another Jerry Reed Website, Toledo, Ohio

"Nice site... Keep up the good work."
-PAUL AARON (Cowboy Joe), Cowboy Joe's Radio Ranch, New York City, New York

"Stacy, I just ran across your website. I may be wrong, but I believe I met you many years ago in Nashville at the Bluegrass Inn. I was the banjo picker for The Stonemans at the time and I seem to remember that you were there sometimes in the early 1970s. I saw you on the Stringbean show of "City Confidential" and it brought back a lot of memories... Keep up the "good fight" with the CMA. As an old hillbilly musician, I despise what has become of ‘country’ music' and no longer listen to it. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the CMA is largely responsible for the fact that the old 'stars’ who made country music great are largely ignored and unknown today... I read the article that got you in trouble with the CMA. If that's all it takes to get on their bad side they definitely have a god complex. Don't let them get you down!"
-DAVE DOUGHERTY, London, Kentucky

"Hi Stacy, Imagine my surprise to find myself in print after all these years! I read your report to keep up on what's happening, even though I'm not involved in the industry now... We're still in Las Vegas, and love it out here. My extra time is spent on mental health advocacy, which I've been doing for about 10 years now. Anyway, I just want to tell you that I think you've done a great job with the Report and used the Internet to carve out a unique niche for yourself. Congratulations!"
-ANN MARIE SMITH (former editor, "Spotlight on Country"), Las Vegas, Nevada

"My first time to read your report. Interesting to say the least."
-HAROLD CROSBY, President, Traveler Records, Wichita, Kansas

"Love your articles and I stand behind you 100%. Unmentionables in town have given bluegrass artists a backseat for more than 20 years, only allowing our music in, in bits and pieces where they seen fit. The times they are a changin'."
-K.C. & NEW GRASS REVIEW, Nashville, Tennessee

"This is the Jen Bomber of Little Dog Records (Pete Anderson's label). I just read your site for the first time and I wanted to tell you how refreshing the content and writing style are... Keep up the good (and honest) work!"
-JENNIFER HAROLD, a/k/a The Jen Bomber, Little Dog Records, Burbank, California

"As a member of the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Country Music Association (www.pcmamusic.com) I love reading your column to stay on top of what's happening in Nashville since I don't get down there as often as I'd like. I haven't had a chance to keep up with your column recently, but finally took the time today to read some of your latest headlines... I love your column and admire your integrity to both your readers and your sources... Keep up the great work."
-CHUCK KAPER, member, Pennsylvania Country Music Association Board of Directors, Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania

"Stacy, Just want to make you aware of one of the new kids[?] on the block, Carolyn Richards, and share my thoughts about your report. I read it for the first time this past week... I loved your articles on and about the CMA. While we have had no real contact with them, other than being turned down for not doing 30 shows every year, I am familiar with the politics of other 'Country Clubs.' Somehow, they seem to rise to a point where they think they are better than everyone else and start trying to 'play God' within their industries or interest. Same thing has happened with the labor unions. They were needed when they first got started, but have become their own worst enemy by now. Power corrupts. We have very little contact with Nashville... mostly through Gene Higgins and the CCMA. From observations during the two trips we have made, I suspect that Gaylord Entertainment runs most of the entertainment dealings in Nashville, whether up front or behind the scenes. Regardless, we plan to 'do our thing' with or without Nashville, although using some 'names' sems to help with our promotions."
-DAVID BUTCHER, Manager/Songwriter CR Music, Vincent, Ohio

"Greetings Stacy, I have been a fan and reader for about four years, and I enjoy your column very much... Take care, and I'll keep reading."
-JERRY ADAMS, guitarist for Johnny Lee

"Hey Stacy,thanks for the mention in your column. Glad I discovered it."
-SHANNON WILLIFORD (a/k/a SHAN DE BAYOU), musician (two-time Music City Blues Harp Player of the Year) and columnist (writer of the *Nashville Music Guide*'s "Music City Blues Corner"), Nashville, Tennessee

"I am a 48-year-old songwriter who has been chasing that platinum cut for longer than I care to think about. I enjoy my trips to Nashville and all of the people I work with and come in contact with while there. I read religiously everthing I can that may help in my quest, but I just wanted to tell you that it is your report that I enjoy the most and know I can count on to be accurate and with no sugarcoating. I hope someday to have the pleasure of meeting you."
-MARVIN ADCOCK, songwriter, Strong City, Kansas

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know about our newly re-designed Web site... We have been online for about a year and a half, and decided to re-design the site. We have had your link on the front page all that time and still do. I also have a new cd single out called ‘I Love My Country.’ "We recorded the song in Nashville at Mainframe recording studio. The song is already getting quite a bit of airplay around my local area, which is Cookeville, Tennessee. The song is about country music, country music fans and the U.S.A. I thought you might want to listen to a sample at www.CafeCountry.com. Really enjoy your report. Keep up the good work."
-JIMMY HOLLOWAY, Star America recording artist, Jimmy Holloway Productions Cookeville, Tennessee

"Stacy, your country-music news is a must read for me. Keep telling like it is... You get right to business in your reports and I think that’s great... Keep up the great writing...Your story on Ken Kittinger was interesting. Ken is a very good friend of mine. I’ve known him for years. That’s the trouble with the country-music business: They have no respect for the people that have helped make it great. I’ve been coming to Nashville for 15 years trying to get on the Opry, but the politics have kept me off. It sounds like its even worse now. I’m the first artist to shoot a music video backstage at the Opry in 1990. It played on TNN for a long time. The video was about the Opry, but they would never invite me because Hal Durham didn’t like my manager. Politics..."
-DAVE CALEY, Kokomo, Indiana

"What's really goin' on in Nashville. Stacy's there and she tells all. Very informative."
-CARL and NANCY CHAMBERS, Dirty Rambler Productions, Winterhaven, Florida

"Hi Stacy, Many thanks for mentioning my recent news about Bear Family. I turn to your web site regularly to find out the 'other' stories in the world of country music."
-TONY BYWORTH, Country Music Consultant/Journalist, London, England

"Stacy, first and foremost, let me say I believe you are probably the best and most honest source of Music City news that I have seen. That said (with honest admiration for your guts to be so forthright in your reporting)...and was really pleased to find the direct source! My admiration for your reporting only grew, not only [for reporting] the latest news...easy to read, [but] I respect you're [being] unbiased and unafraid of the 'Suits' and politicians of Nashville. [Your] way of getting the news out honestly is definitely refreshing!......I now live in Llano, Texas after living in Nashville as a songwriter (with several recorded songs)for 7 years.... But, I digress: my sole intentions in contacting you was to say 'WELL DONE!' in your honest reporting."
-LEE FRY, songwriter, Llano, Texas

"Hey Stacy, I just recently began checking out your site and I really enjoy it. I am new to the country world and I have found many closed doors due to the fact that I'm not particularly Music Row-friendly. I think 'You're too dark' is the most common response... Let me tell you, there's an amazing dynamic between people's perception of comtemporary country music artists, traditional country artists and everything in between. Many times that perception is not the most favorable nor the most open-minded... I guess this type of reaction is common throughout all art forms. Maybe I just expected a little more from a genre of music that is/was so steeped in tradition. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I share many of your sentiments."
-JASON ZIEMIANSKI, Tour Marketing & Artist Development, Ultimatum Music, Culver City, California

"Hi Stacy, As always, I am enjoying your column."
-ELMER ALLEY, retired executive, WSM-TV, Nashville, Tennessee

"Thanks Stacy, for everything. It is people like you that have left a lasting impression on this ol' country boy's mind and helped to turn this dream I had back in 1991 into a reality in 2002. I have met some of Nashville's very finest as they opened their hearts and offered their help, encouragement and blessings for our book on Mel Street-a man who gave so much to country music in his short but rather remarkable stay here with us. "I was very much impressed by the fact that you had remembered the article you wrote on Mel Street many years ago. Also, that it might have in some way given the depressed singer some glitter of hope or ray of sunshine; during some dark days. To me Stacy those words found a place in my heart and left me thinking, 'This is what a writer should be about.' "I just wish we had got up with you while we were researching the book and could have used the article. I would love to read it and maybe we can use it in our promotions somehow. It was very thoughtful of you to consider the positive effect the article would have had on Mel and not just what others might have gained from it. I wish there were more folks who think like you, the world of country music would certainly be better served. Wouldn't it be nice, if when we finished exercising our pens that someone's world might look brighter because of us? Great thought Stacy!! You got my vote and yes I think you are among some of Nashville, very finest... Hope to see you soon and again thanks for all the help. May God Bless! Keep On Dreaming!"
-DENNIS SCHULER SR., co-author (with LARRY J. DELP) of *Mel Street: A Country Legend, Gone But Not Forgotten,* Mountain State Press, 2002

"Thanks for all you're doing for American music."
-ART GREENHAW, Leader, The Light Crust Doughboys

"I found your website tonight. I really like what I saw during my brief stay, and will return for a deeper look."
-RICHARD CHEEKS, SugarHill Communications, Nicholasville, Kentucky.

"I like you Web site as it is very informative."
-JEFF JONES, Music City News Publishing, Inc.


"Hey Stacy, I dig your page. I didn’t realize you were that deep into country music. I started at the reviews page, and the one-liner excerpts were interesting enough that I pressed on, finally reading your impressive bio. Now I am doubly flattered that you came to my showcase."
-KORBY LENKER (of Korby Lenker and the Barbed Wire Cutters), Seattle, Washington (www.korbylenker.com)

"Stacy, I checked out your bio and I am quite impressed with your music credentials. You might remember me... It's been a while since I last talked to you. Hope you're doing well in Music City, and I look forward to hearing from you."
-LEON BECK, Editor/Publisher, Texas Hot Country Magazine, Houston, Texas

"I have been reading your articles on the Roughstock website which I found really interesting."

"Thank you for your good work."
-ROBERT J. HILL, II Esquire, Principal, Harping Hill Media, Nashville, Tennessee

"I stumbled upon your website while doing some research and found what I read to be very interesting."
-PAM MRJENOVICH, Stageco U.S. Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I read your Web page often... Keep up the great work on the Roughstock site."
-NICK CREWS, music writer and publicist, Plainfield, Indiana

"Stacy, I've just "met" you ... having read your fantastic background report... With your encyclopedic knowledge... You have a new fan!"
-SAM HALE, Reelradio.com, Atlanta, Georgia

"Stacy, I love 'Music Row Report' and appreciate your frank and informative coverage of Johnny Cash."
-RANDY NOLES, Group Publisher, Gulfshore Media, (organizing Committee/CashBash 2005), Orlando, Florida

"I want to let you know that I have enjoyed perusing your website this A.M. it is a website I will revisit and I am NOT a web surfer."
-HOWARD HARRIS, Chairman, President and CEO, Grand Masters Fiddler Championship, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee

"En 'The Best of Country – The Essential CD Guide', la lista corta de esenciales que nos ofrece su autora, Stacy Harris, reputada periodista especializada afincada en Nashville, en este caso en estricto orden alfabético es la siguiente:..."
-CMA SPAIN, www.cmaspain.com

"Hi, Stacy, I am so impressed with the informative website articles and your in-depth knowledge and experience in the Country Music world. The distance between Virginia and Tennessee is only a heartbeat away when you love this music the way some of us do, right? Yes, I have quite a few friends in your area and over the years have assisted in organizing award shows, worked with a producer/publishing company in the songwriting aspect.....so now, let's face it, I'm hooked! I am presently into freelance writing… searching for an outlet to achieve a dream... I can't stay off your website - it's addictive! Not a day goes by that I don't check this out - more than once! Can't imagine the bulk of correspondence you must receive; another reason that I appreciate the time you've taken to reply and encourage me in this 'walk of faith' I'm pursuing. Thanks for adding happiness and joy to the Christmas Season for me and so many others... Thanks Stacy, and please accept my best wishes for a Holiday Season of love, happiness and unending success!"
-BETTY PARRISH, freelance writer, Danville, Virginia

 "Hi Stacy, As usual I love reading your report."
-NAOMI SOULE, The Acoustic Edge, St. Louis, Missouri

"Hi, Stacy, I had the pleasure of reading your Music Row Report and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.... I’m in Music City this week, shopping for a label and working on a celebration of the late and GREAT GENE AUTRY to whom I am a 3rd cousin... Until we 'meet again' keep knocking 'em dead in your report... Always your pal, Charlotte Autry.”
-CHARLOTTE AUTRY, www.charlotteautry.com

 "You really hit that nail on the head. Thank you for mentioning this. Your columns are always so informative and truthful.”
-GINNY FOLEY, Publicist, Secaucus, New Jersey

 "Thanks for all you do. I love your column.”
-CINDY "Minnie Pearl" MOORE, Nashville, Tennessee

 "Good Wishes from the U.K. to you all. Enjoyed your website.”
-TIM ROGERS, CMA Award-winning (2007) Presenter, SAGA Country, SAGA 106.6fm, Nottingham, England

"Stacy... I really enjoy your stories on Roughstock.  You are a class act.  Keep up the good work.  Your friend, Gene Jack Hall."
-GENE R. "GENE JACK" HALL, bluegrass/gospel recording artist and songwriter, Moorehead, Kentucky

“Hi, Stacy… I’ve finally made it!: My name is in your Music Row Report! I have enjoyed reading your report for a good while now, but it’s the first time I’d ever been mentioned to my knowledge. I had to look twice. It went by so quickly the first time, doncha know (spoken with a HANK LOCKLIN hillbilly/Irish accent). Anyway, it is an honor to be a blurb in your report about GINNY [FOLEY] and Musictogo’s Music City Warriors! Something to write home about for sure. Nashville needs a million more just like you, Stacy! Keep it up! Sincerely, Joe Rucker."
-JOE RUCKER, Independent Artist, Hermitage, Tennessee  

“Stacy, Thanks for mentioning my name in your Music Row Report. I really enjoy reading your column and to be included means a lot to me. I really appreciate what you do for country music. Though I am originally from Chicago, my second home is in Nashville. It was really cool to be included in the Music City Warriors show and be one of the most played artists on musictogousa.com. There are so many great Independent artists out there, thanks for helping spread the word. Kind Regards, Frank Paul.”
-FRANK PAUL, Independent Artist, Nashville, Tennessee


“Hi, Stacy. Just saw your notes on Janet McGarry's new CD and wanted to thank you for your mention of my song, Wildflowers on the Hill. Keep up the great work; it's a great site."
-LOUISA BRANSCOMB, Nashville, Tennessee


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful CD review and it's always great to hear when people like your music.  There's a few of us out there singing the honkytonk stuff and people are just starved for it.  I really do appreciate your taking the time to listen and  review  my cd on your Music Row Report.  Hope to meet you in the near future!  Your friend in Texas."
- LIZ TALLEY, Houston, Texas
You have long been a beacon of truth in today's country-music scene.... Thanks so much for keeping it real, Stacy!"
 LINDA HILL (A/k/A "Lindy Loo"), Improvisatonal and Stand Up Comedienne, New York City, New York

If you're not familiar w/ this website, ya gotta read it!  This gal ain't afraid of nothin', or nobody!  She tells it like it is!" 
SMILEY ROBERTS, Hendersonville, Tennessee

Stacy, Girl you made this cowboy feel ten feet tall.  I've had a lot of reviews in my time, but none that made me jump from the chair, and throw my arms in the air, like someone scored a touchdown.  Clint Eastwood's "Make MY Day" pales to what you just did. Thank you for a review that would make other recording artist envious. There was a gang of folks flocked around the computer when this came in and you would have thought there was a basketball game being played and the underdog team scored the winning shot at the last second buzzer.  :)   Thanks again, Stacy, and I've got to say, love ya.  Ridin' away,  Royal Wade.  P.S. Your review will be posted on www.royalwadekimes.com, several places on face book, and also on a site to do with the big boys in rodeo. I'll get that info for you when I know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm sure this review will show up many more places, these are just the one's I can think of off the top of my head."
ROY WADE KIMES, Burns, Tennessee

... The only country music news that matters."
MARK TOMEO, Pages of Paul,  Riverside, Pennsylvania

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