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Though, as Paul Harvey said, "Flattery has ruined more good journalists than bad liquor," Here's What Country Music Fans Around The World Are Saying About "Stacy's Music Row Report": Nashville's Only Independent Source of Country Music News...

"As a first-time reader, I am delighted. I look forward to more... and might I say that I am enthralled by the honesty, insight and integrity of your reporting. All the other industry rags refrain from reporting the real stories behind the sound bytes and press releases for fear of damaging whatever relationships they may have established. Your column is the first place I visit to get the real scoop!"
Attorney at Law
Stevens, Baldo & Freeman, L.L.P.
Beaumont, Texas

ENTRTNR (COUNTRY WEEKLY online message board poster):
"Stacy Harris is a Music Row journalist who calls most everything fairly, gives both sides of the issue when at all possible, and doesn't pull any punches... you'll love her!"
-ENTRTNR, COUNTRY WEEKLY online message board poster, October 15,2001

"I would like to say that I really enjoy reading your reports about what is really happening in Nashville. Those fluff pieces in *Country Weekly* never seem to give a full story. Your column is juicy, fun and informative."
-MANDY MCELFRESH, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Stacy....greetings from Melbourne Australia. Thought I'd just drop you a quick line to say how much I really enjoy your page. Sometimes we all lose sight of the work people put in for little recognition.....so......come out into the floodlight.....the applause is deafening I know....but please take a bow. Well done!!!!!" BR> -GEORGE PEDEN, Melbourne, Australia

"After I read your report, I'll sometimes hear the same [information] two days later. And I'll smile because I already knew it."
-NANCY HEDSPETH, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"You seem to be the most reliable person in the know... I love your reports. They are very straightforward and answer the things that people really want to know and are wondering themselves!.. Thanks for all you do for us country fans."
-DANA KIRBY, East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

"Have just received my first copy of the report and saved it for future reference... Found articles and information great... In New Zealand we do not get a lot of country music information unless we buy expensive magazines or are on the Internet. I was a country music dj for 5 years and found it hard to get good info. We also do not have much at all in the way of country music radio, so I use my pc for that too. However, what we do have are thousands of country music fans..."
-ALISON PAULSEN, Waikuku Beach, North Canterbury, New Zealand

"Glad to see there are still some reality-based journalists in Fantasyland, otherwise known as Nashville...Keep on keeping 'em honest. God knows no other journalist in that town is. Keep up the good work."
-JANA SLEMP, Hugoton, Kansas

"The sad thing about information disseminated by Crook & Chase on their daily show and 'Today's Country' is that most of their audience probably believe everything they say. In fact, as you have said on several occasions, many of their stories are full of half-truths, erroneous information, and blatant misstatements of fact...You have by far the most interesting and informative country music site I have found and I enjoy reading everything you write."
-DAVID CARTER, Victoria, Texas

"Thanks for the entertaining clips. Quite frankly, while I am a country music fan, I've just about had it with the trite, 'ain't they wonderful' pieces of artist 'advertising' thinly disguised as 'journalism.'  But, while you do seem to report the news, you don't go into detail with artist's personal lives, which I appreciate. It seems that what some sources report as 'insider information' is merely a report on a marriage breakup, affair, sexual orientation, etc. but no one deals with the BUSINESS of country music. I would think that country music, being a business, would be more influenced by who heads what label, who sells more albums and who is more 'powerful' than by 'who is sleeping with whom.' I think I am of average intelligence (although that is open for debate), but I am becoming increasingly offended by "country music journalism" as practiced by media such as TNN via 'Crook & Chase' and 'Country Weekly' (O.K., the latter is a tabloid but....). As far as media coverage is concerned, country music seems to be one big 'Entertainment Tonight.' Thank you for providing one source of what appears to be pure info!...Your page proves that sooner or later, the truth will come out!""
-CHRISTINE STIRLING, Toronto, Ontario - Canada

"Great Web site! I really enjoyed it and I now have it bookmarked for easy referral...It is refreshing to get some solid information instead of the 'fluff' pieces we read in magazines.. . I spend a lot of time on the Web... and I see a lot of sites that are marginal at best. Yours really has the down-home punch that is needed today. If you are as personable face-to-face as you are when you write you are truly extraordinary. You write just as though you are speaking and I like that....You speak 'workin' folks' language, which is a really pleasant surprise, given what we are subjected to in the written media today. It seems most writers are more interested in snagging a Pulitzer than writing about those things they know most about."
-DAN BURCHETT, Dayton, Ohio

"Your web page is far and away the best source for country music on the Web. You may have to rename your site THE ONLY COUNTRY MUSIC HOMEPAGE. It is very interesting and informative. Thanks again for a great web site." -BLAKE WOLF, Joplin, Missouri

"Just stumbled across your report and was ecstatic!!!!!! It had become clear to me that all country music media was bubble gum and cotton candy. Crook& Chase being the sugar suppliers!!! I have always felt a little insulted by the fact that these people (as well as many country music magazines) have never heard a bad CD or disliked an artist personally. Do they think that country music fans are that stupid--do they think that is all we want to hear? Thank you for changing that!!! We can love the music AND handle the truth all at the same time!! How I would love to pick your brain--ever thought about writing a book about the Nashville that you know? I'd be first in line for a copy of that one. Thanks for the honesty. I may have to start a Stacy Harris fan club!!...Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!"
-HOLLY JONES, Shelbyville, Illinois

"I enjoy reading your column every day... (It's) great reading!... Why other writers don`t have the guts to print the truth, is beyond me."
-FRAN GALTON, Beverly Hills, California

"Stacy! Thanks so much for trying to get to the bottom of this! Hopefully... someone will give you a definite answer so you can stop these rumors and get the facts out there...Keep up the great detective work! I love reading you page!"
ANGEL GONZALEZ, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Hey Stacy - - You go girl! Someone needs to keep an eye on the CMA. I was a member of the CMA once (when I worked in radio for 12 years), but could never figure out what the purpose was. Sounds like a lot of funny stuff going on." -KELLEY HARMOND, Price, Utah

"My daughter at Texas A&M suggested that I bookmark your Web site... I had been going into a country site quite frequently, but it's turning into more of a personal fan newsletter than anything else... She says that yours seems to be quite believable and your items can be proven by other material and that you know your stuff. She's right...Thanks again for taking the time... to be honest about what's happenings on Music Row. I can tell you really care about your work and like what you do and you do it so well. I like your "spunk" and your idealism. You don't wear blinders and you work to make your business a better business. You're willing to try to open eyes and minds and face the real facts."
-DORA RODRIGUEZ, Spring, Texas

"I love your Web site. Your page is great. It's always blunt and to the point, without sounding gossipy." BEKKA WHITE, Marion, Ohio

"Great stuff! I'm telling everyone about your page... You are an international item!" -GERALD ROBERTS, Toronto, Canada

"I love reading Stacy's Music Row Report for the true goings on in the country music business, not the watered down fluff you get out of the country-music magazines... I try to read [STACY'S MUSIC ROW REPORT] every day, because I have to- it is my favorite web site."
-JULIE JANTZEN, Moundridge, Kansas

"Stacy, I enjoy your site. Candor is something that is not exactly in abundance on Music Row!... Keep up the good work!"
-GARY STEIN, Nashville, Tennessee

"Great Page! Lots of great info at your site. News like that doesn't always get out here."
-CHRIS ANDERSON, Stanton, California

"What a fantastic page!... You have, by far, the most interesting page and information ... on the Internet. Thank goodness you say what you believe and you don't sugarcoat what is happening, Very refreshing."
-JOHN JENKINS, Nashville, Tennessee

"I really enjoy reading your reports. I have a feeling it's the only truth I read about the business."
-CAROLYN STEFFAN, Louisville, Kentucky

"You're irreverent enough to not take too much too seriously and I like the splashes of strong opinion here and there. Keep up the good work!... This'll be one of my new favorite stops on the Web."
-KEN BURKE, Black Canyon City, Arizona

"Stacy, I had to tell you how much I love reading what you have to say......Never miss a day of it and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks."

STEVE TURCOTT: "Keep on exposing the Scum portion of country music industry. There are those of us that want to know the truth w/o the fluff. And I used to enjoy C&C. Man, if that isn't a whoring of one's self I don't know what is! Oh well, they have to sleep with that dog, not I. Keep on keeping on, Stacy." -STEVE TURCOTT, Williamson, New York

"Stacy- WOW!!!! Just found your web site and all I can say is FANTASTIC!!!!! What a fountain of information you are and I absolutely love how it is not the "candy" dispensed out by PR wags or the "baby food" dispensed out by TNN. Your site has definitely been bookmarked...Again...such a great web site."
-MICHELLE "MEL" TOMA, Ocala, Florida

"I am a songwriter (un-published, so far) and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your site, and reading someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. Thanks."

"I have been trying to find info on Johnny Cash all day. Your Web site is the only place I have found any news."
-DEBRA FARLEY, Marietta, Georgia

"Great stuff!! You must be "the fly on the wall."
-BRAD BELL, Nashville, Tennessee

"I read your page every day and am grateful for the information you provide about everything in the music business world! I have [linked STACY'S MUSIC ROW REPORT] to my Web site... for others to enjoy."
-PAM HINDS, Franklin, Tennessee

"I thoroughly enjoy your column and read it faithfully every day (often more than once a day, just to check for any new tidbits)."
-JEANNETTE WOOD, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Stacy, thanks for having the chutzpah to tell it like it TIZ."
-MIKE HAYS, Orange, Virginia

"I really enjoy your reports. They are very entertaining and informative... You're really on the ball. ..I read you all the time. You seem pretty straight...You're my kind of reporter. No b.s.!
-MARY E. BROWN, Berlin, Wisconsin

"I love your site... It's bookmarked!"
-THI SHANNON, Lonedell, Missouri

"Enjoyed your Music Row news. I will be a frequent visitor."
-BRENDA GARRETT, Houston, Texas

"Very impressive Web page!"
-BEN RUSHING, Sierra Madre, California

"I found your report for the first time today. I really like it. I like to get inside news....I'll be coming back very often to read your report."
-LOUISE GOULET, Mont-Laurier, Quebec

"Stacy, this is the most refreshing, on target country news I have ever read. I'm a long time country fan, and have often gotten sick of the 'filtered' news we receive. Thanks!!!!!!"
-NELL MURPHY, Carrboro, North Carolina

"I just found your column today and have been saying 'Amen.' I will check it out ... from now on...on a regular basis."
-SANDY MANNCHEN, Nashville, Tennessee

"Stacy, I turn to your site every morning and evening for the news I know to be trustworthy....No wonder you are banned from CMA events. Sounds like .they can't handle the truth....I'm VERY impressed with your credentials and your NERVE!... Keep on telling it like it is (even if it hurts!)."

"Your Internet column has been a source of terrific no nonsense journalism. I love to read it and am always wishing for more... Thanks you for the opportunity to yak to someone else who is not happy about the direction of the fascist industry known as County Music... Keep on doing it right."
-MARTY CASEY, Story, Wyoming

"Loved your article on the questionable practices of the CMA... I hope your article, or at least excerpts of it, receives wide exposure. True country fans deserve to know what goes on behind the scenes... You've gone a long way toward proving what we've always suspected: the CMA awards have nothing to do with talent, creativity, or fan input; and everything to do with greed, politics, and petty grudges."
-SHARON PASQUAL, Omaha, Nebraska

"Thanks for all the news!... . I saw your name on the society page. I just knew you [were] a big deal, Stacy."
-MIKE MILLER, Parsons, Tennessee

"I really do like your Roughstock reports. Finally, someone who is honest and gets to the real heart of things." -Jenny Wheat, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

JEANNE WHITE: "Thank you so much for all your Nashville tidbits - they always give me a good laugh! Thanks for the preview into the Tracy Lawrence thing- I can't wait until you get to the bottom of it -and I know you will!... Thanks again for all the laughs!"
-JEANNE WHITE, Stoughton, Massachusetts

DWIGHT SMITH: "I found your web page by accident last Spring and saved it with a bookmark... Thank you for... your candor in expressing your opinions/understandings, etc. You have a good attitude!"
-DWIGHT SMITH, Walton, Kentucky

"I have just come on to your pages and it seems as though you have been a busy girl in all things you have been involved in. Also, I get the idea that CMA (doesn't) like you. I look forward to reading your pages again....Keep kicking arse."
-KEN STUART, Forrestdale, West Australia

"The reason I came to you is because I know that if anyone could help it would be the GREAT Stacy Harris!!! I love to read your column!... Every day I rush home from school to read your column! It gives me something to look forward to!!! God Bless!"
-SCOTT SHEPPARD, Raleigh, North Carolina

"I like your no-nonsense coverage and the fact that no one gets a free ride with their actions and comments. I believe one of the reasons you can be so straightforward, and yet still keep the important connections is the integrity with which you report -- your opinions (whether I agree with them or not) are clear, and your facts are supported. A rare package."
-SHARON KORCHNAK Herndon, Virginia

"I finally found time to do something besides vote on the Roughstock.com site and found your Music Row Report. I'm glad I did -- I've been rather frustrated myself at the 'puff pieces' that seem to come from the record companies and become 'news'...By the way, your CMA expose is detailed and devastating!... As a web site designer myself, I'd have to say that the CMA Awards web site, while pretty, lacks any semblance of programming substance. If they paid their programmers more than minimum wage, I'd say they got a bad deal."
-ROBERT BROOKS, Grand Prairie, Texas

"I just found you on the Internet. Man this is great.... I love C&W music. I read everything I can. Your Web page will be my first stop. Keep up the good work. And about CMA, I haven't watched it for 2 years now. I always thought it as a joke and not a very good one at that."
-CONNIE WHITE, West Plains, Missouri

"I really enjoy your site and visit it daily. Imagine my surprise when I was browsing through your section on comments from other readers and found an old high school friend.. Thanks for keeping us informed on the goings on in Nashville."
-CHERYL HORVETH, Canal Fulton, Ohio

"I enjoyed your Web page and have some time now. I try to check it frequently. It helps keep me up-to-date." -PRESTON BELL, Chickamauga, Georgia

"Enjoyed your site so much. As a journalist and a country music fanatic, the information is extremely interesting to me."
-RENEE MARTIN, Richmond, Virginia

KIYOMI YIM: "I love your site and visit often." -KIYOMI YIM, Richmond, California.

ZENY WILLIAMS: "Your site...is great, as usual. I've put it on my home page so everyone can find it."
-ZENY WILLIAMS, Atlanta, Georgia

"I read your report daily......I learn so much about the behind-the-scenes stuff from Nashville...I love your column."
-ERIC LABRECQUE, Milton, Vermont

CARRIE LOU SCHMIDT: "Love your news!"
-CARRIE LOU SCHMIDT, Monroe, Michigan

"Stacy, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I enjoy your page. I bookmarked it and intend to check it out often."
-DUSTIN EVANS, Mitchell, South Dakota

"Hi, Stacy. Just found your site...it's very interesting and quite informative!"
-GERRI MCNAMARA, Hendersonville, Tennessee

CLARK JESSE: "I just found your Web site, I love it!...Again, great site!
-CLARK JESSE, Waddy, Kentucky

"Stacy... I check your page each day for an update of the 'newest' news from Nashville....Thank you for all the 'inside news'. I especially appreciate you list of guests for *Prime Time Country,* too... Thanks for the time you spend getting the news for the fans."
-SHIRLEY BARE, North East, Maryland

"Kinda tough to do country-music news when there's not much country around... If it has a marketing strategy and a personal trainer, it ain't country."
-CRAIG OWENSBY, Nashville, Tennessee

"I love your page and mostly your attitude for 'telling it like you see it.' Keep up the good work."
-SANDY BITTINGER, Alexandria, Tennessee

"(As a Stacy's Music) Row Report junkie, (I find) your information very to the point. Thank you for constantly updating the site, unlike, with all due respect, *Music Row Magazine, * which updates about once every 4 - 5 months. Where else can I found printed articles of your work?"
-MELISSA FISHER, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"Checked out your website. Added to my favs. Sent it to my Country Lovin' friends too. Great column! Keep up the good work! I'll be seein' ya or at least readin' ya. Take care."
-JAYNE "DOLLY" CADY, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

"Hi. I love your report! I read it everyday... keep up the great work!"
-AMY LEONARD, Los Gatos, California

"Hi, Stacy! I enjoy reading your newsy column very much - it gives me some feeling of being on the inside with the people who make me so happy!...Thanks for a good column!!!!"
-PAT ABELL, Miami, Florida

"I really enjoy your web site."
-ROBIN CAMPBELL, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

"Just wanted to let you know... I enjoy your site!"
-JILL LEIGHTON, Lewisville, North Carolina

"I love your column. It is always very informative and entertaining."
-KEVIN WEST, Strawn, Texas

"Great site, Stacy; a favorite of all country music lovers... Keep up the great work you are doing for all country music fans all over the world."
-DONALD SMITH, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"I really enjoy your column. It is refreshing to get the truth that most of the time eludes us."
-ROXANNA DEHART, Tucson, Arizona

"I found your Web site today for the first time, and really enjoyed it...You're the only one I trust that will give the real info!"
-S. RANDOLPH, Seattle, Washington

"Hello Stacy! I love your Music Row report at Roughstock. It's refreshing to read about all the nitty gritty about Nashville first hand...Keep up the great work, because I, for one, do appreciate it."
-FRANK CAREY, Harding, Pennsylvania

"I enjoyed reading your column on the bunker mentality of the CMA and found much with which to emphasize and to share your criticism... Keep up the good fight. Something is bound to give sooner or later."
-BILL MONTGOMERY, Frankfort, Kentucky

TODD STERLING: "Hello, Stacy. I read your column as often as time permits... Keep up the good work!"
-TODD STERLING, Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

"Just wanted to drop a note to you and tell you how very much my husband and I enjoy your Web site every day! Finally! Someone who is open, honest, to the point and tells it like it is in the crazy, mixed up world of country music!...We would really love to meet you sometime. I know you probably get thousands of request for your time...but you just seem like such a great, down-to-earth person and someone whose opinions we really enjoy hearing."
-DEBI ANTHONY, Nashville, Tennessee

"I am a senior at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. I am a big fan of country music. I would like to thank you for your great journalism found on the Internet. I think you do a great job and hope you keep up the good work."
-BRUCE GREGORI, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

"My daughter, who is co-owner of Tabletop Productions with her husband, Skip Gosnell, wrote and asked me to visit your Web site... I'll definitely check out your pages again. Keep up the good work."
-HAZEL S. LEWIS, Oceanside, California

"Maybe you should give lectures around the country discussing your career. I think your career is more interesting than reading about the celebrities. I really admire your life and would have to give you credit for all your accomplishments. I'm sure you know you do good work so keep it up...I really appreciate your contribution to country music by keeping the fans informed and I will definitely bookmark your Web site."
-LISA A. JANUSKA, Berlin Heights, Ohio

"When is [Gary] Chapman's contract up on *Prime Time (Country*)? I think he is rude to the old timers. I think you would make a good host for the show."
-L.R. ROBERTS, Amarillo, Texas

"I read your report for the first time today. I find it quite refreshing that a journalist reported facts and news without slamming anyone or kissing up! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your report... I learn a lot from your Music Report and I appreciate that it's factual instead of tabloid fluff. Minus the hype, its easier to see the country artists as people."
-STACY GOLDEN, Suwanee, Georgia

"Hi. I just checked out your Web page and I love it!"
-GINA RUSSELL, Cumberland, Maryland

"Greetings Stacy- I think I spent approximately two hours, two business hours too long, leaping through your site yesterday but it sure was nice to have all of this information at my fingertips...I was unaware of the presence of the "good 'ole boys network" that seems to prevail in Country Music... Heaven help us if we are ever 'muzzled' by the powers that be!...I must say how good it is to read all of the news you provide us, although I am totally miffed when I think of just how much knowledge you must possess about the inner workings of Nashville and the Country music industry to produce such a report. I look forward to any and all updates you provide...You seem to grasp and then dispel the frustrations of many of us who really have no say in the politico-powers of country music. In other words, Stacy, you the ears and voice of many of us who have been muted for too long."
-BRUCE NEWMAN, Corning, New York

"Hi. I just checked out your Web page and I love it!"
"Get'em Stacy !!!! You are the only one in Nashville that speaks their mind and tells it like it is. It is very refreshing. I find it continually difficult to comprehend that the figureheads that unfortunately rule recording mecca of Nashville are so weak-kneed and complacent about their goings-on. Keep up the wonderful work because I'm loving it."
- TREXLER, Nashville, Tennessee

"Hi. I just checked out your Web page and I love it!"
"Love your report. It seems honest and you don't seem to be afraid to speak it like it is...You're great."
-LINDA MATULIN, Tuscon, Arizona

"Stacy, Hi. I am a newcomer to your Web site and enjoy it very much. Glad to see someone with some guts for a change."
-MERITTA HARVILLE, Atlanta, Georgia

"Hi, Stacy: I came upon your column for the first time and enjoyed it...Thanks for listening and also for the very enjoyable column."
-GAIL BLEVINS, Baltimore, Maryland

"I am an African-American woman who has lived in Florida for all of my 32 years of age and has listened intensely to country music since I was 13 years old. So, I am a Southerner, born and bred, and very aware of prejudice... Thank you for writing about and making known an African-American or black aspiring country singer. Unfortunately, not enough journalists shed light that more black country singers exist. I appreciate your informative column!...Keep up the good work and don't let anyone get you down. I can tell, however, that you don't, because of the feisty nature that you exhibit!"
-DELISA THOMAS, Tallahassee, Florida

"I really enjoy your Web page. You call them as you see them."
-MARGE MCMURTRY, San Francisco, California

"Hi Stacy, I've been reading your site for some time and have come to respect your opinion."
-NANCY SWITZER, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Stacy, As an avid 24-year-old country music fanatic. I wanted to first thank you for the tidbits you provide me each week. I am amazed at some of the things that are mentioned in your column and I am very grateful that you give me the news that it is happening on Music Row. I enjoy reading the country magazines like everyone else, but it is so refreshing to read what is really happening in this industry - or should I say the TRUTH about what is happening...Country music is in a very risky stage, in my opinion, with the transition to more pop and less substance and it's nice to hear someone expand on that storyline with the newsmakers...Gosh, I was just looking at all of the comments on the Web site that people have written about your work. It must be so satisfying to know how much your hard work means to fellow media, radio, and especially the fans. I hope that one day I can look back and have that type of feeling on what I accomplish. You should be proud!"
-BRAD BUTNER, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"I really love your column and can't wait to read it...I just want to say that when reading your column I know that I can keep up with whats going in country music. Stacy's Music Report is filled with interesting and fact-filled news. To steal a phrase: Read the rest and then read the best...Keep up the great job."
-D.R. BERRY, Sacramento, California

"GREAT internet reading! I have been a long time fan of country music and appreciate your honesty and insight."
-MARK SADLOWSKI, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

"I've never visited your site before, but an admirer of yours suggested that if I was interested on the "behind-the-scenes" information you were the one to look to. I admit I'm pretty impressed with just what I've read so far."
-KIM RYBERG, Birmingham, Alabama

"One of the things I appreciate about you and your column the most is that you make such an effort to respond to any letters from your readers--and do so in a timely manner to boot...I'm a journalism major at Point Park College in Pittsburgh, PA. My ultimate goal is to someday cover country music for a major magazine like *Country Music*(my favorite). After reading through your bio on your Web site, I have come to see that you are the consummate role model for anyone pursuing a career in country music journalism. You truly have done it all!"
-JUDY LEONARD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Ms. Harris, I enjoy your column very much, and I am impressed by your responsible, accurate reporting."
-HYDRICK HARDEN, Winnsboro, South Carolina

"I enjoy reading all the stuff about George Jones. Thanks for the truth."
-KATHY SMITH, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Greetings from the Space Coast! My name is Debby Stephan and I am a USAF wife, the hubby is stationed here at the Cape. I thought we saw fireworks around here with shuttles, rockets and explosions but reading your truthful pages makes all this look tame! My best friend turned me onto your web site after me and her started a web site about Alan Jackson. I know that my friend, Audrey Storer wrote to you about the BS we were getting from the AOL Girls and crap over having a message board about what a person would like to do with Alan in the dark. Also AJ's guitar player, Tom Rutledge was coming in and answering questions on a board we set up for him....he kinda liked the limelight, but he was told he had to quit by The Management. I don't have a clue, but it appears that Alan Jackson isn't allowed to be portrayed as a C&W sex symbol on the WWW... I run the Web site for my girlfriend and her friends who are AJ fans. Believe me, it's hard to run this site, for there just isn't that much one can write about Alan Jackson....he's super rich and snubs his fans... All that fluff from the fan magazines is enough to make a person think that Nashville is drug free, made out of grits and cornbread. I hit your site every day to real the real news! Keep all the truth coming, please! We need your truth pages!... You are book marked right next to Reuters and the Washington Post. That's how I start my mornings."
-DEBBY STEPHAN, Satellite Beach, Florida

"A friend told me about your web site and I have been checking in daily for updates! I really enjoy your stuff, it's a fun site.. Keep up the good work!"
-PHILLIS NELSON, Decatur, Alabama

"Hi. (I) enjoy your site very much. I, for one, want to hear all about any celebrity who takes advantage... especially trouble with the law! So many celebs are so full of themselves that it is quite entertaining to hear of their travails. Of course, I don't mind hearing of the good stuff they do either. That's what life is made up of, so we should hear it all."
-TRISH CUMMINGS, San Diego, California

"I enjoy the hell out of the way you go after the fakes, phonies and cookie cutters out there...Keep it up, Stacy! -- NON ILLEGITIMUS CARBORUNDUM"
-LANCE SAMFORD, Longview, Texas

"Hi, Stacy! Found your site on the Web-what a great find! You obviously put a lot of work into the site, and it shows... Yours [is] the best site {I've come] across as far as informative and responsible reporting. Not to mention fun-it’s a rare thing to find both responsible reporting that is written in an enjoyable, easy reading style...."
-KELLY WEST, Nashville, Tennessee

"Just found your site a few days ago and bookmarked immediately. Have been on the net about a year, and can't believe I only just now found you! I really enjoyed reading all the news as you report it...just like it is! I'm just sorry that I missed you up until now!...Again, thanks for getting the real news out to all of us Country Music Fans."
-NORMA CAVINESS, Greensboro, North Carolina

"I read your news almost every day!!!!!"
-MATT DAHL, Hallock, Minnesota

"I enjoy your column very much!!!"

"Loved your piece on the CMA."
-LAURIE PAULIK, Loveland, Colorado

"I love your Web page. It's one of the few I visit daily, and really the only one that presents a cold eye toward truth. So thanks for all your hard work."
-AMY PARSONS, Pinehurst, North Carolina

"I love your site - it's great to get the REAL news and not the fluff!...Thanks for your hard work!"
-SHERRY WISE, Los Angeles, California

"I love the column. I check it every day for updates... Thanks for the good Web page."
-ADAM MEIGGS, Raleigh, North Carolina

"You're one of my favorite brain breaks...I just think that what you do is cool and I'm happy that you're doin' it."
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MAGGIE WILSON: "I love to read your column. It's nice to read the truth behind what appears to be so many lies from any other music news. Too bad country music can't just be something we enjoy to listen to and believe in rather than the manipulation of many among the business...What I find so great about your page is that you offer both sides of a situation to speak of their own experience."
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"I am shocked about the changes being made at the Opry, and I really fear for its future...What are these people at Gaylord thinking? My heart is just breaking. First they decide to turn Opryland into an outlet mall, and I'm sure their next move will be to turn the Opry House into a Vegas showplace...My husband and I have a couple of friends who are established in the Canadian country music biz and we will spread the word about your site. We will keep in touch."
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-DAVID SERIAN, Irving, Texas

"I just wanted to let you know that this has to be the most informative site about country and its' performers that I have ever seen. I guess I was just lucky in going to the web site concerning the MILLS. After a lot of surfing I found this. Thanks a million for all your work..."
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"Thanks for your endlessly amazing insights into the business. The P.R. arms of the top dogs in the country music business have a commercial interest in trying to configure our view of its inner workings into an attractive image that has no substance, sort of like constellations in the nighttime sky. They forget that, like so many things in life, it's the contrasts that create the standard of awe or wonder; the stars get their magic from the stark emptiness that surrounds them. Your journalistic approach to covering the music business, conveys the magic of the fame, the glitz, the glamor and the art, but the manner in which you also straightforwardly include the ordinary and even grim realities of that business, gives you a degree of credibility that I have never witnessed anywhere else in coverage of the entertainment industry. The mags tend to meter out and choreograph their coverage to please or shock their target demographic. But with you, I get the feeling that all the facts just roll right out onto the page.
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"I've just come across your page and found it a lot of fun. My name is Mark Reichenbach and I am a once Nashville resident who lives in NYC... I went to Overton HS and MTSU. Worked as a photographer for the *Daily New Journal* in M'boro and I used to do a lot of photography for KDF back in the Carl P/Bob Cole/Steve Henderson days. I was once an old friend of Carl and Becky's but haven't spoken with them in years. Worked a boat load of freelance gigs for a few of the record company reps down there, during my college days. My sister is a wonderful columnist at *The Tennessean* and was once a real "mover and shaker" in the Country Music scene down there. I still have a few friends who are "in the business" so I try to keep up with the scene."
-MARK REICHENBACH, New York City, New York

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"I wanted to drop you a line and tell you I LOVE it! Singer Brian McCullough told me about it. I especially love all the stuff about the CMA, etc. You get down to the nitty-gritty! You go, girl!! I will be passing the site on to friends.  I, too, am into journalism, although now more as a hobby. At one time, I wanted to either work in publicity in the music business, or write for a music magazine. It didn't take me long to make the same observations that you did. The closest I ever got, before opting OUT, was operating Roy Orbison's fan club, back in the early/mid 1980s. Speaking of fan clubs, and the CMA, well, you know the history of Fan Fair. As far as I'm concerned, the CMA took it over and messed it up. They started by booting out all the new artists and getting picky about who they gave booths to. They took away the luncheon shows which showcased new artists. Etc, etc. You know! It will never be the same. I had to miss the past 2 years, and it didn't even really bother me. The artists I wanted to see had fan club parties, and I went to them. Don't EVEN get me started about the award shows. Yawn!!"
-SHEILA HANSEN, Nashville, Tennessee

"I want to thank you so much for putting out a column that gives the truth about what's going on in country music...Again, thanks for such a refreshingly honest view of Nashville. I look forward to your updates in your column."
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"Hello!... Greetings from Lithuania!... My name is Arunas Bagdonas, I live in Lithuania, in East Europe, I am a 30-year-old Lithuanian man. I am a senior manager of our local Country Music lovers Club (CM Cl.) Our Club members are mostly students, young people and local country music enthusiasts. We feel a lack of country music here, this kind of music is almost unknown here. In Soviet times Country music was announced as "American" music, which is not good for "Soviet" people, so we lived in isolation and even music was ideologized."
-ARUNAS BAGDONAS, Anyksciai, Lithuania, Europe

"I read your column daily and really enjoy hearing about what's going on in Nashville. It was hard when I had to move (for job reasons) three years ago and you have kept me "in touch" with your wonderful writing."
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"I like to think of Nashville and the music industry as my hobby and retirement. That is, if I could ever get the right song pitched to the right people. Songwriting remotely is hard but, I am having fun with the "circuit" getting my song heard. I travel during the summer to different locations in the South and Midwest... And it pays for my vacation! I'd never want to be a singer.. or a famous songwriter.. I just want the world to see me through my songs. I like to go out in public and actually have a private life. I have been frequenting Nashville since 1992. But, I don't know NEARLY as many people as you... I see that you are also involved in politics. Is there anything that you are not involved in?... Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how impressive you sound. Am sure that you hear that a lot... I will stay here in Louisiana. Play with my horses. Write more songs. Sing more summers and work a regular job until someone hears one of my songs. And I don't want just anybody to record my songs. It must be someone with some sort of vocal talent. So, I might be waiting for a while eh? Keep up the good work."
-CLAYTON HARPER, Pearl River, Louisiana

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"I really enjoy reading your electronic column. I wholeheartedly agree with your take on the Hall of Fame fiasco!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work of being the 'thorn in the flesh" of CMA and Ed Benson!!!... I read your web site regularly to get the straight story and not just the 'fluff' stuff that's all over the web."
-BRINDA BLAIR, Magee, Mississippi

"Stacy, As I told you in a previous e-mail, I really enjoy your website! It has a great many helpful and exciting things! I have referred at least 5 people a week to your website! The two top things I enjoy are the lyrics I can print and the country music news. And I am greatly appreciative of the help you recently gave me on finding a particular song! And you also responded in a timely manner. That shows me that you folks are on top of things! Thanks agin so much."
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"Hi, Stacy. I have been a frequent visitor to your site for the past 4 years and have enjoyed it tremendously!... God Bless you and continued success with your page!"

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"Hi Stacy...I'm a long time reader and lover of your report. It's nice to hear the flip-side perspective of what the 'Industry' would like us to believe...Keep up the great work. If you are ever up in Ottawa, Canada the coffee is on me."
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"...I enjoy your column very much. It is very refreshing to read 'the other side' and you always have interesting information. I particularly enjoy your humor/sarcasm - always on the mark."
-LAURA ZANONE, West Palm Beach, Florida

"Thanks for your informative site. My brother, Ronnie Pugh, worked for CMF over 20 years but was abruptly terminated in early September. It's interesting to note all the insider material you present to see what impact that may have had on Ron's firing. Thanks again."
-MICHAEL M. PUGH, Marshall, Texas

"This is a most interesting and useful site, and the only one that I know of that is prepared to provide background information about the recent CMF dismissals of world-respected country music expert, Ronnie Pugh, and the editor of the JCM. Thank you for printing Bob Pinson's comments on the situation. In doing so, you have provided a valuable resource to those country music collectors outside the USA who are sometimes left in the dark about the politics behind country music. Keep up the good work! I've bookmarked this site for repeated visits....I was reading through your pages the other day, and the information was very interesting, and more informative than some books that purport to describe the behind-the-scenes actions of the music business. "
-ANDREW K. SMITH, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

"I read your news every chance I get... I am in the Air Force stationed in Nashville."
-MAJOR JOE EVERSOLE, United States Air Force, Nashville, Tennessee

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"Hi Stacy, I have no idea how I stumbled across your site BUT, I found myself reading everything. How on earth can you KNOW ALL THAT??? You must know everyone in every form of the entertainment industry. I was simply amazed at the information you give. I was sitting here wondering how in the hell one person can have this much knowledge of the country music industry. At any rate, I just wanted to drop you a line! and, if my son was more country than rock I would tell him to call you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are like reading a complete newspaper!!"
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"I read your report and have enjoyed the hell out of it!...Keep up the good work and hey girlfriend, you are the BEST mouth in country music. I e-mailed 20 of my cohorts your web site! As they say, you go girl!"
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-JACK COLLINS, US ARMY, Palmdale, California

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"Hi Stacy... Just read about you on your site..... Very impressive accolades."
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"Hello, Stacy. First of all let me tell you how WONDERFUL your column is !!!!! I look forward to reading it every day. What has become of Skeeter Davis? She is never on the Opry anymore and I never read anything about her. She, along with Jean Shepard, are my two favorite female artists in country music."
-JAMES WATSON, Comanche, Oklahoma

"Hey there.... Geez girl you tell it like it is....love it. All the propaganda that I had read about Fan Fair being so great the past two years. You confirmed what I really thought and had heard from country fans that had attended.. Stacy, we have a wonderful unofficial website for Michael [Peterson] that we would be very honored to have you visit if you so desire. This is the address: www.communityzero.com/friendspage. I'm going to put a link to your website if you don't mind for other fans to be able to view and read also. The "Show-Me" gal... Barb."
-BARB MILLER, Syracuse, Misssouri

"Please accept my strongest 'thanks' for a site that I read each day. I always find something fun or a bit 'wicked' to enjoy. You do a fantastic job, Stacy. I lived in Nashville for 13 months in 1994-95, but have learned more about the music business from your site than from the city itself."
-JUSTIN CLARK, Memphis, Tennessee

"Dear Stacy, As a big fan of country music, I read your report often... you are probably the authority on the music scene in Nashville."
-CASEY HILL, Nashville, Tennessee

"Really enjoy your site! It's my favorite for the Nashville scoop!!."
-JUDY SIMONTON, Lawrenceville, Georgia

"Just visited your Web site for the first time. Wow -- that's a prodigious amount of info on the country music scene! Bravo."
-DONNA DODSON, Charlotte, North Carolina

"I want to commend you on Stacy's Music Row Report. I have issues with the magazine *Country Music Live* and, after reading the column, I checked out the Better Business Bureau about the magazine. It seems that I am not the only one who was left with charges and no product, no working phone number to call, and the mail returns to me, unopened. I only wish I had read this column earlier! Tell Stacy to keep up the great work, and thanks for opening my eyes about the rest of the goings on in Nashville! The Real stories!."
-JESSIE PATTERSON, Orlando, Florida

"Hi Stacy; I have been a frequent visitor to your site for over a year now and I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for having it up there for folks like me to read. I enjoy your views on the subjects and, although I sometimes might disagree, I am most impressed with your ability to 'say what you really mean.' I appreciate your efforts to find the truth in the subjects you talk about...whether they be bad, good, or indifferent. Kudos!"
-LES HARTMAN, Llano, Texas

"Hi Stacy, I enjoy your website and feel enlightened after reading it each day... I must say it is refreshing to talk to someone who is as friendly as you are while still keeping us in the 'no spin zone' as Bill O'Reilly likes to put it...!"
-BRYON BURKS, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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"First of all I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading "Stacy's Music Row Report"! Your Thursday 10/28 report about the death of Gary Allan's wife was particularly interesting to read... the fact is that your report about the incident is the one and only thing I've read that had any real information... Thank you for your time and all the information you've already provided on this and countless other music row happenings!"
-TAMMY PATRICKS, Los Angeles, California

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"I live in Bournemouth in the south of England (UK).  So I am one of your overseas fans!  I have a few friends who live in Nashville.... I am hoping to make a visit there next year. 

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"I like a website that tells it like it is and the truth is I think your reviews are excellent and I have bought a few CDs based ion your advice- and I love them!

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