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DNA testing is not 100% accurate, but it’s pretty close!

For instance, according to tests run on each of us by the same company, one of my second cousins (we were born less than one week apart to first cousins) is calculated as a third cousin.

As a genealogist, I am able to trace my family backwards, which has enabled me to connect with several contemporary distant cousins I didn’t even know I had before I started looking.

For starters, FYI, I am not an an heiress to either the Lloyd J. Harris pies nor Harris-Teeter fortunes.  Nor am I kin to/the same person as Stacy Harris, the late Canadian-born character actor.

My extended family tree DOES include Israel Miller
Pinky Lee, Morton Gould, Mark Knopfler, Frank Bank, Regene and Louis CohaneMark Bailey, Ed Schlossberg and Mady Land.  You may also know my cousin by her stage name, Samantha Harris.  (My grandfather and Samantha's great-grandfather were brothers.) 

I'm not the first author in my family.   My great-grandfather, Abraham "Abba" Kramer (July 18, 1858- May 9, 1942) bears that distinction, courtesy of his published book, The Unity of G-d  (English translation by Dr. Irwin Barkan, principal and education director of Chicago's South Side Hebrew Congregation.)

Abba's daughter-in-law, Florence (my great- aunt) was King David of Israel's 95th great-granddaughter!

I'm also not the first musician (Thank you, Catherine West!), in the family.  That distinction belongs to my aunt, (née Ruth Harris), who performed as one of Helen Lewis' Rhythm Queens.

 Since I have shared my DNA results with a couple of testing competitors, I receive regular emails periodically providing me  with DNA matches, from those who have agreed to have their shared matches released, as the company’s database enlarges.  

I am not an ongoing paid subscriber to any of the DNA-testing companies, nor, for privacy reasons, do I put my family tree online.

However, I’d love to hear from any of the following listed DNA matches, especially if they can help me find the missing link to my linchpin relative, Rose/Rosa/Roza (Mrs. Isaac) KAMINSKY/KAMENSKY/COMINSKY and/or Paula GINSBERG/GINSBURG. 

While I don’t know her husband’s name or where she was born, Paula lived in Tel Aviv in 1946 and was the mother of at least two children: a daughter and son (first names unknown).  The  son  died in 1943.

The list of my DNA matches I would like to hear from may be found using the alphabetical links (representing the first letter of the surname) below. (Ages, of course, are approximate, listed as provided to My Heritage DNA and will be corrected as I receive updates. Women are listed alphabetically by maiden names, when known. )

If you see your name, or someone you know, I'd love to be in touch.  Perhaps I will be able to help you solve your genealogical missing links and dead ends.

Watch this page- include it in your list of Google alerts- for additions and updates.   And, if any of your findings on this page lead to a success story, please share it with me!


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