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Are We Related?

You may have seen my response to Question 24 on the my FAQs page

24. I've heard that you have some equally-famous relatives.  Is that true?

Well, let's dispel a few rumors.  I am not an an heiress to either the Lloyd J. Harris pies nor Harris-Teeter fortunes.  Nor am I kin to/the same person as Stacy Harris, the late Canadian-born character actor.

My extended family tree (which you can read all about here) DOES include Israel Miller
Pinky Lee, Morton Gould Frank Bank, Louis and Regene Cohane, and Mark Bailey.  You may also know my cousin by her stage name, Samantha Harris.  (My grandfather and Samantha's great-grandfather were brothers.) 

I'm not the first author in my family.   My great-grandfather, Abraham "Abba" Kramer (July 18, 1858- May 9, 1942) bears that distinction, courtesy of his published book, The Unity of G-d  (English translation by Dr. Irwin Barkan, principal and education director of Des Moines' South Side Hebrew Congregation.)

I'm also not the first musician (Thank you, Catherine West!), in the family.  That distinction belongs to my aunt, (née
 Ruth Harris), a member of the Women's Army Corp, who, while stationed in St. Louis, Missouri, performed as one of Helen Lewis' Rhythm Queens.   As a genealogist, I knew of, or discovered, all of the above information before I was DNA-tested.  

 Since then, I have discovered many more relatives.  Far too many to keep up with across the platforms with which I am most engaged.  The list keeps growing so I've found the key, in some instances, is to let them contact me.  

Here's where you come in:  If you see your name below (and you don't merely share the name of the people whose descriptions I have truncated for reasons of privacy), we are related.  

If you recognize the names, please ask these folks if they think they may be related and, if so, let them know they are free to contact me through this website's contact page.

Keep checking back:  I'll add new names as I receive them.